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Buttocks Sherman Oaks

The buttocks has recently become one of the most popular areas to treat. The primary services we provide are Sculptra injections to stimulate collagen production and provide more volume, as well as Viora Laser Skin Tightening to break up cellulite and tighten loose skin. Schedule a consultation at our Sherman Oaks location to have us provide you with a custom solution that will address your areas of concern.

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Lifting and Volumizing

Sculptra is an FDA-approved dermal filler for your face, but it has become a common, effective way to enhance the buttocks area. The key ingredient in Sculptra is poly-L-lactic acid, which helps replace lost collagen by promoting new growth of it. For the face, this results in a lifting rejuvenation with fewer wrinkles and smoother skin. For the buttocks however, this fills any depleted tissue, resulting in more volume, roundness, and firmness.

Buttocks Cosmetic Laser Treatment 2 | Cosmetic Injectables Center Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles, California

Tightening Loose Skin

Currently, the best treatment available to tighten the skin of the buttocks without surgery is radiofrequency (i.e. Viora). It has been FDA approved to decrease the appearance of cellulite.


This skin condition is usually more prevalent in women, and can be present independent of body weight. The cause is of collagen tuggings that tether down the skin, causing uneven dimpling. Several modalities are currently available for cellulite treatment. The basic process is to either cut and release the septum that pulls down the skin, or thicken the skin so that the tugging doesn’t cause a dimpling. With the former method, a needle that has a small scalpel at the end (i.e. Nokor) is inserted under the skin after numbing, and a slight movement back and forth allows a release of the fibrous septum. A filler (i.e. Sculptra or hyaluronic acid) is usually injected afterwards to keep the skin separated from the structures underneath and inhibit the septum from re-attaching to the surface. To thicken the skin, radiofrequency treatments such as Viora work well to create firmness by stimulating collagen at the surface so that the skin does not easily tug downwards.

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Our team has years of experience in providing buttocks treatments. Get in touch today!