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Brows Sherman Oaks

At our office we have several different treatment options to lift your brows including Botox, Threads and Dermal Filler. Botox techniques can be used to lift or lower the inner portion, arch, or outer portion of the brows. Threads can be used to lift the brows to provide a sculpted eye shape and dermal filler can be used to provide a lateral brow lift restoring volume to brow fat pads. Depending on your unique goals, anatomy or age we can custom tailor a treatment plan for you. 


Sharp Bows Blue Eyes Brow Lift 2

Brow Shaping and Lid Lift Using Fillers

Dermal fillers can create a lateral brow lift effect. With aging, we loose our brow fat pad which contributes to the descent of our upper lids. This is easy to spot when the brows appear flat. Makeup artists often use white eyeshadow highlight, just below the lateral eyebrow to create the illusion of an elevated brow (for example, in front of a TV camera). By strategically adding fillers in this region, we can re-inflate the brow fat pad and lift the slack in the skin of the upper lids back up. Filling of temporal hollows can also result in a lift in the brows.

Young Blonde Woman Brow Fat Pad
Brow Shaping Angles Lid Lift

Brow Shaping and Lid Lift Using Botox

There are five different techniques using Botox which can result in a brow lift. There are also methods to lower the eyebrows. Depending on the individual’s preference, anatomy and brow shape, our injectors can recommend which combination of techniques would be indicated to either lift or lower the inner portion, arch, or outer portion of the brows.

Lines Under and Around Eyebrows

These lines may not be initially apparent until they have already etched deep into the skin. This is because we can’t see them when our eyes are open, and we rarely take photos with our eyes shut tight. But it is a common expression that we make even if only in our sleep, and the lines do etch in over time. Depending on the location and cause of the wrinkles around and under the eyebrows, many of these crevices can be prevented or treated with botox to result in a smoother surface and fewer lines as we age.

Eye Lines Around Brows
Elder Man Vertical Forehead Lines

Vertical Lines Through Eyebrows and Forehead

Brow & forehead lines that are vertical are usually developed over time from side sleeping where the skin is compressed from one side and creates rippling across the forehead for 6 to 8 hours each night. A special sleeping pillow named Juverest holds the head with a soft foam shaped in a “C” configuration. This prevents the skin from being pushed over and bending repetitively every night, protecting the vitality of the skin. Juverest is available for purchase at our office.

Hollowing of the Brow Sulcas

As we age or loose weight, the smooth fatty layer around our eyes becomes depleted and creates a hollowing that is in the shape of an upside down “V”. This area can be filled with a small amount of fillers to re-establish a youthful rounded brow crease. The use of cannulas (needles with blunt rounded tips) decreases the risks associated with fillers in this region.

Green Eye Brow Sulcus Hollowing
Demonstrating Effectiveness Of Brow Treatment In Slider Image

Hollowing of the Temples

As we loose volume in the face due to weight loss or aging, the temple region (area next to the eyes) can become hollow. This can result in loosening of the surrounding skin as there is less foundation to keep the skin in its place. By re-establishing the volume in the temple region, we can lift the brows back up towards their original position. Each filler has its pros and cons, and your injector can help you decide which route is best for you.

Our team has years of experience in providing brow treatments. Get in touch today!