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Barbed PDO Threads

PDO Barbed Threads can stimulate collagen production and generate a lifting effect without adding unnecessary volume. Barbed threads are primarily used in the cheek, jaw, and neck areas to elevate the skin. There are various face and body areas, such as the lip border, crow’s feet, cheeks, nasolabial folds, and even arms, legs, knees, and stomach, where PDO threads can be utilized.

As we get older, we may look in the mirror and feel our outward appearance doesn’t match up with the youthful glow and energy we feel on the inside. Skin laxity and sagging are unfortunate and inevitable results of the aging process ‌we must deal with, eventually. Thankfully science has come up with a minimally invasive, trusted, and effective solution!

Pdo Threads With Barbs - Innovative Non-Invasive Skin Rejuvenation Technique

What are Barbed PDO Threads?

Barbed PDO Threads are absorbable sutures that lift and support various face and body areas. The procedure is very brief, taking between fifteen to thirty minutes. Lifting results from PDO Barbed Threads are immediately apparent and stimulate long-lasting collagen production. Treatment with PDO threads is also highly safe as their materials have been used for decades as sutures for medical procedures. Many areas of concern can be addressed using barbed threads, including:

  • Cheeks
  • Nasolabial Folds
  • Marionette Lines
  • Jowls
  • Neck
  • Jawline

PDO Barbed Threads are also more affordable for those looking to achieve a more youthful and lifted appearance than the more invasive and costly facelift surgery. The procedure is relatively pain-free as a local anesthetic will be administered before and while the threads are placed. However, there may be pressure or pain for a few weeks after the procedure.

PDO Barbed Threads Benefits

One of the many benefits of treatment with PDO Barbed Threads is its versatility. Besides the benefits of having your PDO barbed thread lift done by one of the highly skilled providers at Cosmetic Injectables Center, there are additional perks to seeing us in Sherman Oaks, California! Because of our teaching status, we constantly talk to many other specialists to exchange information and even learn ongoing, updated techniques from other providers. We are familiar with many thread applications. We are flexible in our methods to best suit each patient’s individual needs.

Follow-up visits are important to us! They are an essential part of our treatment because we want to ensure our patient’s goals are consistently being met. We see the cosmetic journey as an ongoing process and put great care into ensuring that our patients are assured that we will be with them whenever questions or concerns arise, not just during their initial visit with us. We also have lasers in our office to treat bruising if it occurs and a medical doctor on-site to address any other concerns.

What Results to Expect 

  • Firm and Lifted Appearance
  • Quick Procedure
  • Virtually Painless
  • Long-lasting Results
  • Stimulates Collagen, Elastin, & Hyaluronic Acid Production
  • Improves Blood Flow
  • Safe and Effective
  • Non-surgical
  • Immediate Results
  • Highly Customizable
  • Rejuvenated, Youthful Appearance
  • Cost-effective
  • Complements Alternative Cosmetic Procedures

How Long Will Results Last?

Lifting results from PDO Barbed Threads are immediately apparent. The initial treatment will lift and support your skin, which you will notice immediately following your treatment. They can last up to twelve months while firming results from collagen production can last up to two years.These results will be visible over time, so once you leave the treatment, you can be confident that your results will continue to improve.

Barbed PDO Threads Cost & Pricing Structure

The cost of treatment with PDO Barbed Threads varies depending on the treatment area, how many, and which type of threads are necessary to achieve desired results. Another cost factor is the skill level of the provider administering the threads. It is essential to find a highly experienced provider knowledgeable in this procedure like those at Cosmetic Injectables Center in Sherman Oaks, California.

The number of threads needed to achieve your desired results will depend on your anatomy and specific cosmetic goals. We have package pricing available, so when the amount of threads increases, the cost for each thread reduces.

  • US National Average: $1,500-$4,500 per treatment
  • Our Price: $150-$250 for each PDO barbed thread, depending on the type (Smooth and Twist PDO threads are about $20-$30 each.)
  • Additional Costs: There are no additional costs.
  • Insurance: Most insurance companies do not cover cosmetic procedures. We offer a variety of payment options for your convenience.

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Barbed Threads Before and After Gallery

Pdo Barbed Thread Lift Before And After Results On Patient 1
Pdo Barbed Thread Lift For A Youthful Appearance - Patient 2'S Transformation
Pdo Barbed Thread Lift On Patient 3 - Safe And Effective Non-Surgical Solution

How the Procedure Works

At the Cosmetic Injectables Center in Sherman Oaks, California, the PDO barbed thread lift procedure is quick! The treatment is significantly quicker in our hands due to the knowledge of our providers’ expertise in this area and the fact that we are one of the highest users of PDO Barbed Threads in the United States. There is significantly less pain for the patient and fewer complication rates than in other medspas. Here at Cosmetic Injectables Center, we treat PDO Threads (barbed and smooth) as a regular part of a cosmetic regimen as we do with Botox and fillers.

At our office, we treat threads and PDO barbed thread lifts as an ongoing process of stimulating collagen in the face to slow down or stop the aging process. The procedure takes thirty minutes to an hour, depending on the treatment area. This time includes an in-person consultation, administering a local anesthetic to ensure the highest comfort level during the procedure, and the barbed thread lift procedure.

Before & Preparation

  • You will be greeted by our friendly front desk staff and asked to fill out a brief questionnaire. This will help our providers understand your medical history and assess your cosmetic goals.
  • Avoid taking aspirin or NSAIDs such as Advil, Motrin, or Aleve. Other supplements to avoid include St. John’s Wort, Ginkgo Biloba, and Vitamin E.
  • For similar reasons of reducing bleeding risks, we suggest you don’t drink alcohol for 5-7 days before your appointment.
  • If you have any dental work scheduled, it is vital that you either get it done before your appointment or reschedule it for at least a month after your barbed thread lift treatment.
  • Be sure to arrive at your appointment with a clean face free of makeup.
Barbed Pdo Threads For Non-Surgical Facelifts - Before And After Image Of Female Patient.

During the Procedure

  • The procedure takes thirty minutes to an hour.
  • Your provider will disinfect the treatment area(s) and administer a local anesthetic to ensure the highest comfort level throughout the process.
  • Your provider will insert the threads into the predetermined areas and ensure they are secure.
  • Results will be noticeable immediately after the procedure.

Aftercare & Recovery

  • Some tightness can be expected for up to two or three weeks after the procedure, but this is typically mild and transient.
  • In case of bruising, Arnica can be applied topically (‌gently) or you can return to our clinic for laser treatment to expedite the healing of any bruises (complimentary).
  • Minimize extreme facial expressions to prevent the threads from releasing.
  • Feel free to consult the expert providers at Cosmetic Injectables Center in Sherman Oaks, California, with any questions or concerns regarding aftercare instructions.
Barbed Pdo Threads Face Lift | Cosmetic Injectables Center Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles, California

Treatment Areas

PDO Barbed Threads are predominantly utilized in the cheek, jaw, and neck areas to assist with lifting the skin. Treatment areas may also include:

  • Lip Border
  • Crow’s Feet
  • Cheeks
  • Nasolabial Fold
  • Arms
  • Legs
  • Knees
  • Stomach

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Brarbed Pdo Threads Lower Face Treatment | Cosmetic Injectables Center Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles, California

Am I a Good Candidate?

Individuals looking to generate a lifting or contouring effect without surgery or volumization from fillers are ideal candidates for barbed thread lifts. Those with excessive amounts of loose or very thin skin may not be good candidates. Summing it up, you are a good candidate for PDO Barbed Threads if your goal is:

  • Reduction in the Signs of Aging
  • Fine Lines Reduction
  • Improvement in your Overall Attractiveness
  • Uneven Pigmentation Correction 
  • A Decrease in Wrinkles

Our providers at Cosmetic Injectables Center are highly knowledgeable. They can assess whether you are a good candidate for a barbed thread lift with you during an in-person consultation.

Similar & Related Procedures

Alternative procedures to a barbed thread lift include molded thread lift, fillers to lift through volumization, Botox, which lifts through relaxing depressor muscles (muscles that pull the skin down), or a surgical facelift. Other skin tightening procedures include lasers, topical creams such as retinol, chemical peels, and microneedling. We offer all of these modalities except surgical facelifts at the Cosmetic Injectables Center.

PDO Barbed Threads vs. Surgical Facelift

Results with Barbed PDO threads differ from those from facelift surgery. If an individual is a better candidate for facelift surgery than a PDO barbed thread lift, our providers are comfortable recommending the correct procedure. We encourage those looking for longer-lasting and more effective results to consult with one of our expert providers about which procedure would best suit their needs.

PDO Barbed Threads
Minimally Invasive
Little to none
Recovery Time:
24-48 hours
Instant Results:
Duration of Procedure:
30-60 minutes
Average Cost:
Stimulates Collagen Production:
Surgical Facelift
Highly Invasive
10-21 days
Recovery Time:
2-3 weeks
Instant Results:
Duration of Procedure:
2-5 hours
Average Cost:
Stimulates Collagen Production:

Side Effects & Risks

Side effects are minimal when the barbed threads are administered by a knowledgeable and highly skilled provider like those at Cosmetic Injectables Center in Sherman Oaks, California. Side effects may include:

  • Dimpling: The most common side effect is “dimpling,” where the location the thread is tethered to the skin pulls too tightly and generates a dimpling effect, or the skin is very thin. Dimpling is usually temporary and resolves in weeks. Our providers can manipulate the area to reduce these results if they are bothersome.
  • Extrusion of Smooth Thread: Extrusion of PDO thread is expected as the body tries to push anything inserted back out. Once the thread comes out, there’s usually no other sequela.
  • Swelling: Swelling and bruising can occur but generally diminish entirely within 1-2 weeks.
  • Sagging Skin and Infection: In case of infection, our providers are here to evaluate and treat with antibiotics if indicated.

Why Choose Us for PDO Barbed Threads?

At the Cosmetic Injectables Center in Sherman Oaks, California, we are faculty, trainers, and a clinical research facility for PDO Barbed Threads. This high level of expertise and experience is unique to our practice and sets us apart from many other medspas in the Los Angeles area.

We recommend against administering thick threads to individuals with thin skin because it may result in the visible appearance of the thread through the skin. Our providers are highly adept at assessing which thread treatment or combination of treatments best suit your individual needs and anatomy.

Our team has years of experience in providing Barbed Thread Treatments. Get in touch today!

PDO Barbed Threads FAQs

What are Barbed threads?

Barbed threads are formulated with the same polydioxanone material that has been used for decades in internal sutures. Tiny barbs on the thread can be pulled snugly, causing the skin to be pulled tighter and lifted into position.

Do barbed PDO threads dissolve?

Yes, barbed PDO threads typically dissolve in six months, but the collagen stimulation can last up to 2 years.

How long does thread lift last?

The lifting effect from barbed PDO threads can last between three and twelve months. However, the collagen stimulation from the PDO barbed threads can last up to two years.

What should you not do after a thread lift?

It is recommended against high-impact exercises such as running and jumping. Any activity that jostles the skin should be avoided. Low-impact exercises such as bicycling and elliptical machines should be okay. After treatment with PDO barbed threads, dramatic facial movements should be avoided.

How long does the pain last after a thread lift?

On average, some mild pain can potentially be felt anywhere from one day to a few weeks after treatment. The pain level experienced depends on the number of threads used in the procedure, the thickness of the threads, and the layer of placement.

Which thread lift lasts the longest?

Barbed threads that are thicker will last longer than thinner barbed and molded threads.

Can I laugh after PDO threads?

At Cosmetic Injectables Center in Sherman Oaks, California, we advise that extreme facial movements be avoided for at least two weeks after the PDO barbed threads procedure.

Do you swell after PDO threads?

Yes, swelling is expected after any type of injection or piercing through the skin. However, if the skin is more sensitive or if there is more trauma during the procedure, there is a higher risk of swelling. With our vast experience with threads, we can usually insert the threads with the least amount of trauma, reducing the amount of swelling.

Can PDO threads cause nerve damage?

Yes, but the likelihood of nerve damage associated with PDO barbed threads is extremely rare, and when it does occur is usually temporary.

What are the side effects of PDO threads?

The side effects of PDO barbed threads are very minimal. Redness, swelling, infection, pitting, or skin irregularities can occur as with any other injection. However, most of these side effects subside within one to two weeks after the procedure.

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