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Asclera Vein Injections Sherman Oaks

Asclera vein injections are a non-surgical, reliable, convenient, and safe solution to permanently reducing the appearance of spider and varicose veins. Not only can the appearance of these veins be bothersome, but they can also be a source of discomfort.

Our expert providers have extensive experience treating varicose and spider veins with Asclera vein injections. Patients can expect the highest level of comfort throughout the treatment process at our office in Sherman Oaks, California.

Asclera Vein Injections

What are Asclera Vein Injections?

Asclera vein injection is a non-surgical injectable treatment to remove undesirable veins on the legs. Asclera is a prescription medicine used in “sclerotherapy.” It works by narrowing the walls of a blood vessel to force the blood to reroute itself through healthier, deeper, non-visible veins. This mechanism of action is the same as hyper-concentrated normal saline, which has been used for decades. However, Asclera is much more comfortable and less likely to result in ulcerations.

Visible and unwanted veins in the legs and other body areas can be a source of insecurity for many individuals who struggle with this issue. Common causes of Varicose and spider veins include

  • heredity
  • obesity
  • hormonal changes
  • trauma

Spider and varicose veins often become more apparent with age. People with jobs requiring extended periods of standing are also highly susceptible to developing varicose and spider veins. Asclera has proven efficacy in reducing the appearance of uncomplicated spider and varicose veins.

Asclera Vein Injection Benefits

Asclera vein injections can be a fast and efficient way to treat unwanted veins permanently, whether for cosmetic reasons or to relieve the pain associated with varicose and spider veins. By cutting off the route of blood into these unhealthy veins, new pathways can be created. Blood circulates into healthy and functioning veins that may have valves to better assist in the blood return to the heart.

What Results to Expect:

  • Elimination of visible veins
  • Reduced discomfort associated with veins
  • Instant results that continue to improve
  • Permanent Results
  • No downtime
  • Comfortable treatment

How Long Will Results Last?

Results from Asclera vein injections will be immediately noticeable and will continue to improve in the weeks following treatment. However, patients may require multiple treatments to achieve optimal results. Asclera eliminates unsightly veins so patients can enjoy their results indefinitely.

Asclera Vein Injections Benefits

Asclera Vein Injections Cost & Pricing Structure

The cost of sclerotherapy with Asclera vein injections varies depending on the severity of the treatment area, the number of sessions required, and the provider’s experience.

  • US National Average: $975
  • Our Price: $350
  • Additional Costs: The total cost may differ depending on how many vials of Asclera are necessary to address the treatment area completely.
  • Insurance: Most insurance companies do not cover cosmetic procedures. Contact your insurance provider for more information. We offer a variety of payment options for your convenience.

Our team has years of experience in providing Asclera Vein Injections Treatments. Get in touch today!

Before and After Gallery

Asclera Vein Injections Before And After 2
Asclera Vein Injections Before And After 1

How Asclera Vein Injections Works

The procedure is incredibly straightforward and typically lasts between fifteen to forty-five minutes.

Before & Preparation

  • Our expert providers will review your medical history and evaluate if Asclera vein injections are more appropriate for you. We may recommend in-house vein treatment modalities such as vein lasers.
  • Individuals with complex varicose and spider veins may be advised to partake in surgery rather than Asclera injections or laser vein treatments.
During Asclera Vein Injections

During the Procedure

  • Our expert providers will inject Asclera into the varicose and spider veins, which will collapse over the next few weeks, and become less visible.
  • Your body will then naturally reabsorb the treated vein, and the blood will recirculate to other healthy pathways.

Aftercare & Recovery

  • There is virtually no downtime associated with Asclera vein injections.
  • Wear compression socks or stockings around the treated area for two to three days for spider veins and five to seven days for reticular veins.
  • Walk for fifteen to twenty minutes directly following the Asclera vein treatment and once daily for several days after treatment.
  • Avoid high-impact exercise for the first week and excessive heat and sun exposure.
  • Avoid long airplane flights for the first week after Asclera vein injections.
Asclera Vein Injections Aftercare

Get the results you’ve always wanted from the nation’s leading physician for Cosmetic Injectables!

Am I A Good Candidate For Asclera Vein Injections

Am I a Good Candidate?

Anyone suffering from uncomplicated spider and varicose (reticular) veins are ideal candidates for treatment with Asclera vein injections. Individuals who are allergic to polidocanol should not get Asclera vein injections. Similarly, those suffering from acute vein and blood clotting diseases should also refrain from treatments with Asclera Vein injections. 

Similar & Related Procedures

  • Cutera Excel V Laser for Veins: This non-surgical procedure uses laser heat to reduce and eliminate varicose and spider veins. Depending on your specific anatomy and concerns, your provider may recommend a combination of laser and Asclera treatments.

At Cosmetic Injectables Center, we offer multiple treatment modalities to address pigmentation. Learn more about our topical treatments, PRP & PRF, and microneedling using these links.

Asclera Vein Injections Similar Related Procedures

Asclera Vein Injections Side Effects & Risks

Asclera Vein Injections Side Effects

Side effects associated with Asclera vein treatment include

  • Bruising
  • Redness
  • Darkened skin (either presenting as lines or spots), or tiny red blood vessels around the treatment area

These side effects are normal and usually temporary. Most will subside within the first few days or up to several weeks. However, when we close one route of blood transport, we cannot tell the body which other vein to use instead. We hope that another deeper (non-visible) vein will carry it back to the heart. But if the body utilizes another pre-existing superficial vein, then that adjacent superficial vein may still be visible/more visible and need treatment as well. This is why we try to treat each area to full completion, to reduce other superficial veins from redirecting to other unhealthy veins.

Because of our extensive experience, side effects are minimal in the hands of our providers compared to other Medspas. Our providers tend to address pigmentation laser treatments with a conservative approach to avoid side effects associated with over-treatment, such as hyper and hypopigmentation.

Asclera Vein Injections Reviews

Review from Real Self: **not from our practice/not our client** 

“Injections are painful but not unbearable, and the results are good, no problems. Dr also used laser for additional treatment of spider veins. The entire process (both lower legs, injections, and laser) took less than an hour. Evaluation visits and follow up are free. I do not have insurance, and after pricing the procedure in the US, was very satisfied with the care and cost.” 

Our team has years of experience in providing Asclera Vein Injections Treatments. Get in touch today!

Asclera Vein Injections FAQs

How do I get rid of spider veins on my legs?

Asclera vein injections and laser treatments can be utilized to eliminate spider veins in the legs. Cautery can work to get rid of spider veins in the legs, but only if the veins are very superficial. Wearing compression stockings can help prevent future spider veins but cannot eliminate existing spider veins.

How do you get rid of spider veins naturally?

Depending on your definition of “natural,” the options for getting rid of spider veins can include laser treatments and cautery. Topical creams that treat spider veins can temporarily reduce the appearance of spider veins. Still, these creams have a rebounding effect in time, and the vein will dilate in the long term.

How do you get rid of spider veins fast?

Any of our vein removal treatments such as laser vein treatment, Asclera injections, or cautery can collapse the vein walls and make them invisible fast. However, the veins’ walls have to be slowly absorbed by the body which takes time. So there aren’t any “fast” treatments that exist unless the vein is surgically removed.

Can I remove spider veins myself?

No, spider veins can only be removed through Asclera vein injections, laser treatments, cauterization, or surgery. Prevention, however, can sometimes be achieved with compression stockings.

Do veins go away with exercise?

No, veins actually get worse with exercise, especially if you’re exercising while standing, so Dr. Soleiman recommends working the upper body in a seated position. The pooling of the blood in the legs can break the valve in the vein and cause engorgement of the vein. On the flip side, lower body workouts should be done not seated so as to not block the pressure of blood flow in the hip flexion region. Anything that increases the pressure of blood to the lower extremities can increase the likelihood that varicose and spider veins will appear.

Does apple cider vinegar help get rid of spider veins?

No, there is no scientific evidence that apple cider vinegar can help get rid of spider veins.

Does Epson salt help spider veins?

Yes, Epson salt can temporarily improve blood circulation and reduce inflammation which can help reduce the discomfort sometimes associated with spider veins but will not help them go away.

Is there a cream for spider veins?

Some creams claim to address spider veins, but any topical that is a vasoconstrictor (a substance that temporarily narrows the blood vessel) can have a rebound effect and worsen the spider veins in the long run.

What caused spider veins?

Spider veins are caused by exerting a lot of pressure on the legs. People who have jobs that require extended periods of time standing are more prone to getting spider veins. It is recommended that those who must stand for long periods of time wear compression stockings to reduce the chances of getting spider veins.

How do you keep spider veins from getting worse?

Pressure stockings are great for preventing spider veins from worsening. Another way to keep spider veins from getting worse is to make sure when you’re exerting pressure on your upper body during exercise that you do so in a seated position. And if exercising the lower body, do not keep hips locked at 90 degrees.

Get the results you’ve always wanted from the nation’s leading physician for Cosmetic Injectables!