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Kybella Sherman Oaks

Kybella is the first and only FDA-approved injectable treatment proven to reduce submental fat permanently. It is a non-surgical procedure that eradicates moderate to severe fat accumulation beneath the chin. Multiple treatment sessions may be required, but maintenance treatments are not necessary once you obtain your desired results.

Kybella contains the active ingredient deoxycholic acid, a naturally occurring molecule that targets, breaks down, and helps absorb stored fat inside fat cells. Once eliminated, the submental fat cells can no longer regenerate (in other words, our bodies cannot produce new fat cells). The Kybella treatment enables less fat accumulation, resulting in a permanent improvement of your profile.

Kybella Injection Packaging

What is Kybella?

Kybella is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure used to reduce the appearance of a “double-chin.” Its primary ingredient is a synthetic form of deoxycholic acid, a naturally occurring substance (a bile acid) in your body that metabolizes fat cells. Once Kybella is injected, the membranes of fat cells in the treatment area become unstable. This instability causes the membrane to rupture, releasing the fatty acid components from within the cell. These basic components are then absorbed into plasma and deposited in the body’s bile acid, emptying into the intestines and finally excreted from the body.

People develop fat beneath the chin for several reasons, including genetics, advanced age, and weight gain. For years, surgery and liposuction were the only methods to reduce or correct the appearance of a “double chin.” Kybella is an ideal alternative to intrusive surgical procedures. Treatment results in a streamlined neck and an improved contour along the jawline. The number of treatments varies from person to person, and you may need multiple treatments to reach your desired goal.

Most patients see results after two to four treatment sessions, with some requiring six spaced approximately six weeks apart. Once desired results are achieved, patients may reap the benefits of Kybella indefinitely. It is essential to locate an experienced medical professional to conduct your Kybella treatment; improper injection can lead to damage to surrounding cells and nerves.

Kybella Benefits

Kybella is currently the only FDA-approved injectable to reduce the appearance of a double chin. It is an excellent non-surgical alternative to cosmetic surgeries. Clinical studies have proven Kybella to be safe and effective when performed by a highly experienced and certified medical professional. Benefits of Kybella include:

  • Safe and effective
  • Non-surgical
  • No need for general anesthesia
  • No incision sites
  • The inflammatory process can cause some skin tightening.
  • Well-tolerated
  • Minimal recovery time
  • No downtime
  • Reduced appearance of “double chin.”
  • Long-lasting results
Kybella Before And After Women

How Long Will Kybella Results Last?

The Kybella treatment permanently destroys stubborn fat cells and prevents the regeneration of eliminated fat cells. Excessive weight gain can affect the outcome by enlarging the remaining fat cells. Therefore, maintaining a healthy weight is vital to preserving the effects indefinitely.

Kybella Cost & Pricing Structure

On average, each vial of Kybella costs approximately $600-$700. The total cost depends on the number of vials needed, the number of treatments required (usually 2-4), the provider’s experience, and treatment location. Prices are generally at the lower end of these ranges at Cosmetic Injectables Center in Sherman Oaks, California.

  • US National Average: $1,200-$2,100
  • Our Price: Contact us for pricing.
  • Additional Costs: There are no additional costs.
  • Insurance: Most insurance companies do not cover cosmetic procedures. We offer a variety of payment options for your convenience.

Our team has years of experience in providing Kybella Treatments. Get in touch today!

Before and After Gallery

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How Kybella Works

The process is relatively quick and straightforward, taking about 15 minutes to complete, with no downtime. You will receive multiple injections throughout your treatment under the chin. The active ingredient will slowly degrade excess submental fat over 4 to 6 weeks. For more information about the treatment process, refer to the sections below.

Before & Preparation

  • Your Cosmetic Injectables Center practitioner will discuss your cosmetic goals and medical history during the preliminary consultation. They will inform you of all treatment options and the specifics of the treatment process, evaluate your concerns, and determine if you are a good candidate.
  • Ensure to inform your provider of any previous cosmetic procedures on your face, neck, or chin, or if you are experiencing any medical matters such as
    • prior history of keloids
    • trouble swallowing 
    • bleeding problems
    • If you are pregnant or planning to get pregnant
    • If you are breastfeeding
  • Avoid anti-inflammatories for a week before treatment to help prevent bruising.
  • If you have facial hair, shave the area below your chin before treatment to give your provider a clear view of the treatment area.
  • Arrive at your appointment with a clean face, free of makeup.
During Kybella

During the Procedure

  • Your provider will cleanse the treatment area and mark the injection sites in a grid-like pattern with a marker.
  • Your provider may apply an ice pack or a topical anesthetic to reduce pain or discomfort.
  • You will receive 20 to 50 injections, one at each marked point.
  • The procedure takes about 1 minute, but the entire time spent in the treatment room is roughly 20 minutes.

Aftercare & Recovery

  • No downtime is required. You can return directly to your daily activities, including work, exercise routines, gym sessions, and school.
  • Swelling and bruising are common side effects of Kybella treatment and are crucial indications that the injections are working. These effects typically subside within one to two weeks.
  • During the week after treatment, you may experience itching, numbness, mild pain, and a wobbly sensation in the treatment area. Some patients opt to wear a chin compression strap to keep the neck steady and reduce discomfort.
  • Two weeks after treatment, swelling and bruising will become less noticeable, and the skin may feel tight. Small lumps may form at the injection sites.
  • Four to five weeks after treatment, swelling and discomfort should be significantly reduced, and most patients will notice considerable slimming of the jawline.
  • To expedite the healing process, we recommend
    • Avoiding excessive handling of the treatment area
    • Applying insulated ice packs to the area a few times per day
    • Alternating ice therapy with warm compresses
    • Sleeping with the head elevated for the first week after treatment.
    • Using prescription pain medication to relieve discomfort and help with swelling

Treatment Areas

Kybella is FDA-approved to treat moderate to severe fat under the chin to reduce the appearance of a double chin. However, an experienced practitioner can use Kybella off-label to help remove unwanted fat in other body areas. A few common, off-label treatment areas include:

Kybella Treatment
  • Jowls
  • Cheeks
  • Abdomen
  • Bra fat (the fatty area in front of the armpit)
  • Hips
  • Inner thighs

The experience level of your provider is fundamental when considering off-label Kybella treatments. Currently, there are no studies available for injection into these areas, and it’s important not to inject into a vital artery or near a nerve.

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Am I a Good Candidate for Kybella?

The ideal candidate for Kybella is an adult, 18 years or older, in overall good health with moderate to severe fat accumulation beneath the chin or in the upper neck. Please schedule a consultation with one of our master practitioners to determine if the Kybella treatment is the best option for you.

You may not be an ideal candidate for Kybella if:

  • you had or are planning to have facial surgery
  • you have trouble swallowing
  • you are pregnant, breastfeeding/nursing
  • have an infection or medical condition in or near the marked injection site
  • have significant skin laxity in the neck area or a considerable deflation of the neck due to weight loss with demarcated platysmal bands
  • you are suffering from a deep underbite and a small chin with an oblique chin-neck angle (these features won’t produce the best results)
Kybella Before And After Man

Similar & Related Procedures

  • Neck Lift: also known as a platysmaplasty, this surgical procedure removes excess skin and fat from the neck to produce a slimmer profile.
  • Liposuction: a surgical procedure that utilizes a suction technique to remove excess fat from various body areas such as the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, neck, hips, knees, etc.
  • CoolSculpting: a non-invasive fat reduction procedure that freezes and destroys fat cells. CoolSculpting for excess fat under the chin is variable, considering the device requires a specific amount of fat to be effective.

Kybella vs. Neck Lift

Type of Procedure:
Permanent Results:
Recovery Time:
4 weeks
Little to none
Improves Facial Profile:
Neck lift
Type of Procedure:
Permanent Results:
Recovery Time:
4-6 weeks
5-8 weeks
Improves Facial Profile:

Side Effects & Risks

The most common side effects of Kybella are similar to other injectables and are typically localized to the injection site. These effects include:

  • minor bruising
  • pain
  • swelling
  • warmth
  • numbness
  • redness

Rare but severe side effects are possible and may include:

  • Ulcers or open sores
  • Hair loss
  • Necrosis (tissue cell death around the injection site)
  • Trouble swallowing
  • Temporary nerve irritation causing an uneven smile or facial muscle weakness
Kybella Packaging

These side effects can resolve independently, taking a few days to months to completely subside. For example, difficulty swallowing resolves within an average of three days. Nerve injury in the jaw takes longer, typically around 40 days, to resolve independently. Contact your healthcare provider immediately if you experience these severe side effects.

It is imperative to locate a trained healthcare professional for Kybella treatment as improper injection techniques can lead to adverse effects. Although Kybella has acquired governmental approval, the agency has noted that severe side effects such as nerve and skin damage can occur. It is essential to mention that the less fat you have on the chin area, the more likely you are to experience side effects, given the closer proximity to the nerves. On the other hand, insufficient outcomes are possible if a surplus of fat exists within the submental area.

Our team has years of experience in providing Kybella Treatments. Get in touch today!

Kybella FAQs

How long does Kybella last?

Kybella is permanent. The body cannot create new fat cells; therefore, the cells eliminated during treatment will no longer be able to restore fat. However, neighboring fat cells can still accumulate fat and expand. It’s best to continue a good diet and exercise regime after treatment.

How much does Kybella usually cost?

Kybella usually ranges from $600 to $700 a vial. Many cosmetic institutions offer package discounts and payment plans to make treatment more affordable. Practitioners typically recommend three treatments six weeks apart for optimal results.

Why is Kybella bad?

Kybella can cause significant swelling. The irritation that causes fat cells to rupture and the body’s natural process of removing these components induces the swelling effect. This effect is an ideal symptom as it is an indication that the treatment is working. Kybella may cause more adverse side effects such as skin and nerve damage when improperly injected.

Is Kybella better than Lipo?

Kybella is more suitable for minor improvements, where as liposuction may be more practical for someone with excessive fat. Liposuction might be too invasive for those attempting to remove minimal fat. Kybella is also an ideal alternative for patients unable to undergo surgical procedures.

Is Kybella worth the money?

Speaking long-term, Kybella is worth the money for most patients. The treatment produces permanent results, is non-invasive, and does not require anesthesia or downtime.

Will Kybella leave loose skin?

Kybella creates an inflammatory process that will tighten the skin, reducing the amount of loose skin that would otherwise be left behind.

Does Kybella work on Belly Fat or Bra Fat?

Kybella can be used off-label in other body areas, including belly fat, bra fat, and hip fat. However, if it’s a large area, the amount of Kybella needed may make it cost-prohibitive.

Who is a good candidate for Kybella?

A good candidate for Kybella is a healthy adult with mild to moderate amounts of fat under the chin. Kybella is not for everyone and may not be compatible with patients with a history of keloids, excessive amounts of fat under the chin, or those with droopy skin without excessive fat.

Can Kybella be used on the body?

Kybella is FDA-approved solely to remove fat underneath the chin. Kybella can be used off-label to remove fat from areas such as the abdomen, cheeks, jowls, hips, bra fat, and thighs. However, if it’s a large area, the amount of Kybella needed may make it cost-prohibitive.

How long do side effects of Kybella last?

The side effects of Kybella, such as swelling, typically last up to two weeks. Every individual heals at a different rate. Numbness is one of the benefits as it makes the next set of injections less tender. Numbness and other nerve irritation resolve after about 6-12 weeks.

Is Kybella or Coolsculpting better?

CoolSculpting is ideal for larger areas that can fit into a mold, but injectables are more suitable if fat is mild or unable to fit into a mold. Both treatments have individual side effects. It is best to consult with an experienced medical professional to determine which treatment is suitable.

Do Fat Dissolving Injections really work?

Fat-dissolving injections are effective and have received FDA approval through clinical trials. Under a microscope, you can see the rupture of that fat cell. Once destroyed, our body is unable to create new fat cells.

How long does it take for Kybella to dissolve fat?

Kybella treatments typically consist of three sessions six weeks apart. The injections slowly dissolve fat cells over six weeks. Although significant changes may be possible after one session, optimal results typically appear six weeks after the final treatment and last indefinitely.

How many times should I get Kybella?

The FDA-approved Kybella treatment protocol is three to six treatments spaced about six weeks apart to see final results. These results are permanent.

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