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Botox Lip Flip

Botox Lip flip really do work and can be done at a fraction of the cost of lip filler! If you are unhappy with the shape or thinness of your lips but are looking for an alternative to lip fillers, a Lip Flip may be right for you. The lip flip procedure involves injecting Botox or other neuromodulators to “flip” out one’s upper lip, improving shape and perceived size at a fraction of the cost of lip fillers.

A small amount is injected into the upper lip to enhance lip fullness and improve symmetrically. In our office, we usually use Botox, Xeomin or Jeuveau.

What is a Botox Lip Flip?

The Lip Flip is a lip enhancement procedure that uses small doses of a neuromodulator like Botox to relax and “flip” the upper lip outward, improving the volume and symmetry of a person’s lips. While Botox is the most popular form of neuromodulator, we also offer Xeomin, Dysport, and other products that will provide comparable results.

The Botox Lip Flip has increased in popularity over the past few years, being touted as a cheaper, more subtle alternative to lip fillers.

How Many Units of Botox Are Needed?

The amount of Botox units needed for a lip flip typically ranges between 2-10 units. The more units used, the longer a lip flip will last. Your injection specialist will help you to decide the optimal amount of Botox to fit your lip enhancement goals.

The cons are that the muscle effect only lasts about 6 weeks, it can make the lips feel a little bit numb (pronouncing the letters B and P will be softer), and that drinking from a straw will be difficult (which can actually be considered a benefit).

Benefits of a Lip Flip

Beyond enhancing the shape and look of lips, a lip flip procedure also carries more benefits:

  • Botox (or other neuromodulator) helps to prevent smoker’s lines (vertical lines from pursing lips) by training the mouth to avoid excessive lip animation or movement with each new injection, your lips will become conditioned to less muscle movement/wrinkle formation
  • Lip flips are a fraction of the price of lip fillers
  • Any undesired results will dissipate over a period of six to eight weeks
Determining If A Lip Flip With Botox Is Right For You

Am I a Good Candidate for a Lip Flip?

You are a good candidate for a lip flip if any of these apply to you:

  • Desire to get rid of gummy smile
  • Add volume to thin lips without the commitment of lip filler
  • Desire to alleviate/smooth out wrinkle lines on the lips, or “lip lines”

Aside from cosmetic reasons, it’s important that you consult with a medical professional to ensure that you’re medically fit for the procedure. Those looking to get a lip flip must meet these health requirements:

  • Over the age of 18
  • No history of mouth-related medical issues
  • No known allergies/resistance to neuromodulators

Does Lip Flip Make Lips Bigger?

Lip flips do not technically increase volume in the lips like a traditional filler would. Instead, the neuromodulator relaxes lip muscles to roll the upper lip out, giving the appearance that the lips have goten “bigger”. Watch Dr. Soleiman’s explanation of this common question.


Lip Flip vs. Filler

Lip flips have been giving lip fillers a run for their money as the most popular form of lip enhancement. Lip flips are a much more affordable alternative to lip fillers — though the costs can add up in the long run, as filler has longer-lasting effects. Lip filler lasts six to eighteen months on average, while lip flips last six to eight weeks. Lip flips may also have a slight effect on speech due to a feeling of numbness, a side effect not associated with lip fillers.

Filler can also boost the size of lips much more than a lip flip, though both can reduce lip lines. When both treatments are used in combination, a lip flip helps lip fillers last longer. As such, we typically recommend a combination treatment. Visit our blog post about the Botox Lip Flip Vs Fillers for a more in-depth explanation of the differences between these two treatments.

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Lip Flip Procedure - Breakdown

A lip flip procedure doesn’t start and end in the operating room. In order to ensure a successful treatment, Dr. Soleiman and our specialists are involved in the planning, execution, and recovery stages. Here’s a breakdown of the procedure in full – so you know exactly what you’re getting into.

Before The Procedure

Prior to your lip flip procedure, you will undergo a consultation with an injection specialist. During this initial consultation, you’ll have the opportunity to share your goals for the procedure. From there, your injector will determine the appropriate amount of neuromodulator needed to give the desired effects. 

In the week prior to your scheduled procedure, you should avoid alcohol and blood thinners like aspirin, which can make swelling worse.

Step-By-Step Botox Lip Flip Treatment

During the Procedure

During the lip flip procedure, your injector will inject Botox into the center (cupid’s bow) and corners of your upper lip. The injections should only take about 10 minutes to complete.

The procedure is not very painful, so your injection specialist typically will not numb the lips beforehand.

After the Procedure

There is little to no downtime required after the treatment is completed, and you can return to your day-to-day activities immediately. However, some side effects may take one or two weeks to resolve. Your injection specialist will give you a detailed breakdown of what to expect after the procedure.

Common Side Effects

  • Difficulty exaggerating certain letters, such as “B” and “P”
  • Drooling during brushing teeth (as it affects your ability to close the lips tightly)
  • Impeded ability to drink from a straw (due to numbness in the lips)
  • Inability to whistle
  • Trouble keeping fluids in the mouth after drinking
  • For your comfort and safety, our office starts off our patients with a conservative half-dose to help acclimate them with the sensation. We can then use the full dose during the next session when you are more prepared.
Post-Treatment Effects Of Botox Lip Flip Injections

How Long Does a Botox Lip Flip Last?

Lip flips last around six to eight weeks on average, with Botox typically increasing the longevity of any lip filler present. However, these results may vary based on how animated one’s lip movements are. Injecting the lips with more neuromodulator may make the effect last longer, but this comes with the potential of further impacting speech.

Even a single lip flip treatment can help rejuvenate the lips and reduce smoker’s lines temporarily, as the neuromodulators teach the mouth to avoid excessive lip animation and movement. Plus, since Botox trains the muscles to relax, many patients find they need less units of Botox to get their desired results over time.

Alternatives to a Lip Flip

Alternatives to lip flips include skin tightening, fillers, and nova threads. Skin tightening can refer to plasma pen treatments, O2 laser treatments, radiofrequency treatments, or a combination of radiofrequency and microneedling treatments combined.

While these methods can all reduce smoker’s lines and effectively tighten the skin, it can take weeks to months to see results. With Botox and other neuromodulators, results are evident within days. 

Lip fillers are best used in conjunction with a lip flip, as filler can increase volume and help with shaping while neuromodulators can relax the muscle. Threads are a good option for those who want to create a firm, defined border while preventing smoker’s lines without adding any extra volume.

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Lip Flip FAQ

Will Lip Flips Interfere With Blow Jobs, Oral Sex, or Kissing?

Lip flips have no impact on kissing, and your partner will not be able to feel any difference in the texture of your lips aside from the more “flipped out” lip position.

Though any impact on oral sex will be extremely minimal, it may become a bit more difficult to cover your teeth with your lips. However, this side effect will subside with repeat treatment.

Will Lip Flips Affect My Smile?

Yes, a lip flip will affect your smile for the better! Botox relaxes the upper lip, allowing it to drop down and conceal a gummy smile.

How Often Will I Have to Get This Treatment?

Lip flip results typically dissipate in six to eight weeks. The procedure can then be repeated immediately. However, it is possible that your results will last longer over time, as Botox trains the muscles to relax on their own.

How Many Units of Botox are Used For a Lip Flip?

We recommend 5-10 units of Botox for the bottom lip and 2-10 units of Botox for the upper lip, depending on the patient’s anatomy, lip concerns and goals. Injecting more Botox will provide longer lasting results.

Will Lip Flips Impact Eating and/or Drinking?

No, lip flips do not impact eating – but they can have an effect on drinking from a straw.

After a procedure, it may be difficult to purse your lips together to drink out of a straw. Such effects are temporary, will subside over time, and are unlikely to occur in the hands of the right injector.

Does a Lip Lift Make Lips Bigger?

While a lip flip can make the upper lip look fuller, it does not add any actual volume. Consequently, we recommend a hybrid lip lift/lip filler treatment for the best results.

How Bad Does a Lip Flip Hurt?

Lip flips are a minor procedure that typically do not even require any numbing. According to Healthline, most people liken the sensation to having a pimple on the lip.

Is there such a thing as lip flip surgery?

No, there is not. Lip flips are a non-invasive procedure that only involve a needle for injection of Botox.

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