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Botox for Underarm Sweating Sherman Oaks

Botox for Underarm Sweating is one of the most recent treatments applied for armpit sweating. The procedure works by temporarily blocking the chemicals that signal it’s time for your glands to produce sweat.

If you are looking for a treatment that can decrease underarm moisture by 80%, the injection with botulinum toxin (Botox) might be the perfect solution for you.

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What is Botox for Underarm Sweating?

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Botox for Underarm Sweating is a procedure known for its power to reduce armpit sweating. This injection therapy is approved by the FDA to treat underarm hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) as well as other areas of the body.

A Botox injection contains neurotoxins that assist the functions and structure of your nervous system. In other words, it can assist in modifying the functions of the neurotransmitters involved in excessive perspiration. Therefore, the injection will block the neurotransmitters that signal your sweat glands to activate. This will lead to a process of decreasing and regulating excessive sweating in the treated region.

Causes and Symptoms of Underarm Sweating

Hyperhidrosis, or excessive underarm sweating, is an uncomfortable condition that goes beyond the normal perspiration caused by heat, activity, or emotions. In order to understand it better, you can find below the causes and recognize the main signs of underarm sweating.

Causes of Underarm Sweating:

  • Sweat Glands Hyperactivity: Even in a lack of heat or physical activity, the nerves that normally cause sweating may become hyperactive and activate the sweat glands.
  • Diabetes: Diabetes can negatively impact the body by overstimulating the sweat glands. As a result, it is more difficult to maintain a constant internal body temperature. 
  • Menopause: Hot flashes and night sweats are two of the most prevalent menopausal symptoms, both of which produce excessive sweating.
  • Primary Hyperhidrosis: Primary hyperhidrosis can be caused by wrong nerve impulses, which cause eccrine sweat glands to work excessively.
  • Secondary Hyperhidrosis: Axillary hyperhidrosis can be caused by sympathetic nerve overactivity. It’s called secondary because a secondary reason, such as a medical condition or medicine, might also contribute to it.
  • Use of Certain Drugs: Certain drugs like antidepressants and opioids can cause excessive underarm sweating.
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Symptoms of Underarm Sweating:

  • Emotional Discomfort or Embarrassment: If you are experiencing anxiety over visible sweat stains and body odor, axillary hyperhidrosis can make you feel emotional discomfort.
  • Skin Irritation and Chafing: Excessive underarm perspiration can cause chafing and increase infections in the armpit area.
  • Heavy Sweating: Heavy sweating is excessive sweating that can occur regardless of high temperature or high-intensity exercise.
  • Clothing Damage: heavy sweating can damage favorite clothing and cause the inability to use desired wear in fear of damaging the fabric with sweat.

Botox for Underarm Sweating Cost & Pricing Structure

Underarm sweating treatment with Botox or similar neuromodulators depends on the type of product used, the number of units, the experience level of the injector, and the area where the facility is located. 

  • US National Average cost: $600-$1500 every 5-7 months
  • Our pricing for underarm sweating: Competitive. We have package pricing which reduces our prices significantly in the underarm area;
  • Additional Costs: There aren’t any additional costs related to the procedure unless an additional product is requested.
  • Insurance: Botox for underarm sweating is not typically covered by insurance

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Treatment Options for Underarm Sweating

Underarm Sweat Reduction Botox

Bra Fat Treatment with Kybella: (a treatment for the surrounding area):

    • This treatment is ultimate for young individuals concerned about the area of fat that bulges out around bra straps. 
    • The chosen area can be treated off-label with Kybella, a fat-dissolving agent that has been FDA-approved for double chin treatment. 
    • Depending on the intensity, 1 to 2 vials of Kybella are usually necessary per side at each treatment. At least 3 treatments are usually advised, each 6 weeks apart. 
    • After the third session, a permanent decrease in the fatty pouch in this area can be achieved.

Severe underarm sweating, also known as severe primary axillary hyperhidrosis, is a condition in which the body sweats more than necessary to maintain and regulate body temperature. At Cosmetic Injectables Center, we offer two options for treating Underarm Sweating: Botox Treatment and Bra Fat Treatment.

Botox for Underarm:

    • Botox for Underarm Sweating is an injectable treatment known for its power to smooth wrinkles and stop armpit sweating.
    • Treatment consists of about 50 units of Botox or other neuromodulators per side. 
    • The process takes about 10 minutes, starts working in usually 7-10 days, and the results last about 6 months (individual responses vary.) 
    • If applicable, healthcare practitioners can also apply a betadine mix before the procedure to determine which sweat glands are most active and to administer higher doses in those areas.
    • Another area that can have a similar negative impact on social interactions is sweaty palms, especially when individuals avoid handshakes due to their self-consciousness. The botox dose for the treatment of hands can vary from 25 to 75 units per hand and can also last about 6 months (individual responses vary).

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Botox For Underarm Sweating FAQs

Does Botox really work for underarm sweating?

Restylane Silk as a filler is good for subtle lip plumping for thinning lips, and smoothing lip wrinkles and lines around the mouth. Additionally, it restores volume to fine wrinkles and lines throughout the face.

How long does Botox last in underarms?

Neuromodulators such as Botox last in the underarm for around 4-12 months, depending on the patient’s lifestyle. Therefore, subsequent treatments are typically needed 6 months after the initial treatment.

What not to do after armpit Botox?

Taking medications like Ibuprofen and Aspirin should be avoided in order to stop blood thinning which can lead to bruising. Additionally, it is recommended to avoid physical activity, alcohol consumption, deodorant use, saunas, and hot baths for four hours post-treatment to reduce increased blood flow by washing the botox away.

How many Botox units for underarm sweating?

The amount of Botox units needed to treat underarm sweating varies from patient to patient. However, a typical range for each underarm is 50 to 100 units.

Does underarm Botox have side effects?

Like any other injectable procedure, temporary redness, swelling, and bruising at the injection site are common adverse effects expected after Underarm Botox. During the injections, some people may feel minor discomfort or pain.

Can I wear deodorant after armpit Botox?

No. It is usually advised to avoid using deodorant or antiperspirant on the treated region for at least 4 hours or more after having armpit Botox. This reduces irritability, and infections, and allows the Botox to settle correctly.

How painful is armpit Botox?

The amount of pain felt with armpit Botox injections varies from person to person. Most patients are pleasantly surprised at the low discomfort level. Your healthcare professional may administer a topical numbing lotion to reduce any potential discomfort.

How safe is Botox for sweating?

When administered by a trained healthcare practitioner, Botox for underarm sweating is considered a safe and effective treatment. This injectable treatment is approved by the FDA to treat underarm hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) making it a safe procedure for you.

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