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Sculptra Sherman Oaks

Sculptra is in the filler category, but works very differently than the other fillers on the market. Its function is to stimulate the body to produce collagen. Therefore, the results are not appreciated for about 6 weeks after the injection. It commonly needs to be reapplied for a total of three treatments spaced six weeks apart to reach the desired result. A powder made of poly-L-Lactic acid (the same ingredient as sutures), Sculptra needs to be reconstituted with water, hours to days prior to the patient coming in. It initially received its FDA approval for restoration or correction of facial fat loss in HIV patients. Later it received FDA approval for shallow to deep NL folds and other facial wrinkles (for use in general population).

The results are usually more even than other instant fillers, and with facial movements it behaves more like tissue rather than an injected gel. The results usually last beyond 2 years, but it is not instantly reversible. It is contraindicated in lips, around eyes, and in patients with history of keloids. When planning to have this product injected, please call our office the day before your appointment to confirm your appointment and to ask for your vial to be reconstituted. We need this one day prior confirmation to allocate your product.

  • Lasts 2+ years
  • Not instantly reversible
  • FDA Approval – August 2004 (facial fat loss in HIV patients) / 2009 (general population)
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Our team has years of experience in providing Sculptra treatments. Get in touch today!