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Microneedling Sherman Oaks

When it comes to cosmetic concerns like wrinkles, fine lines, hair loss, and uneven skin texture, you may find yourself splurging on expensive skincare products to improve your complexion. While these products can make a slight difference, they often fail to produce significant results. If you’re looking to reduce age-related changes and improve the overall appearance of your skin, cosmetic treatments like microneedling may be more effective.

Cosmetic Injectables Center provides microneedling procedures to help solve the true origin of problems with aging skin such as collagen and elastic regeneration rather than a quick fix camouflage. By recuperating the firmness of skin, stimulating skin regeneration, and increasing healthy hydrated skin, microneedling can resolve some of the most common skincare concerns. This includes texture improvement, reduction in wrinkles, lightening of dark pigmentation, reducing scars such as acne scars and more. Learn more about microneedling and its various benefits below.


What Is Microneedling?

Microneedling is a popular cosmetic procedure used to address common aesthetic issues. This non-surgical treatment method uses tiny sterilized needles to make micro-cuts in the skin. The pricks are small enough to be undetectable but large enough to stimulate a healing response in your face’s deeper dermal layers. 

When this healing response is triggered, it boosts the production of collagen and elastin, two important building blocks in the skin’s structure. Increased collagen and elastin levels can diminish signs of aging, such as wrinkles and fine lines.

The healing response stimulated by microneedling also leads your skin to produce brand-new cells. These new skin cells give the skin a healthy appearance and address skin concerns like acne scarring, dark pigmentation, and uneven texture.

COSMOPen Microneedling Treatment

At Cosmetic Injectables Center, we offer COSMOPen microneedling treatments. COSMOPen is a state-of-the-art, medical-grade microneedling system that provides similar results as a fractional laser but safer for dark or sensitive skin. The COSMOPen system does not cause any pain or thermal damage, and patients don’t need to take downtime after their procedure.

This treatment is often used to treat acne, scarring, stretch marks, wrinkles, keloids, large pores, and other age-related changes. With a vertical piercing technique, the COSMOPen can tap into the body’s natural healing cascade that will naturally increase collagen and elastin production, creating a younger, healthier appearance in the skin.

The COSMOPen system utilizes an innovative, disposable 12-pin needle-head. This allows for more precise control of depth penetration and needle speed. The COSMOPen needles can operate up to 110 cycles per second, resulting in nearly 1300 microchannels per second. This is about 20% faster than first-generation microneedling devices. A new needle head is used for each patient, assuring reduced risk of contamination and infections that can occur whenever skin is pierced.

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How Is Microneedling Performed?

Patients choose microneedling because it is a minimally invasive, pain-free skin treatment that requires no downtime or recovery.

Before & Preparation

When you experience one of our innovative COSMOPen microneedling procedures, you’ll be able to lie comfortably while one of our cosmetic professionals treats your skin.

Practitioner Examining Her Female Patient For Microneedling Treatment
Microneedling Procedure Using Cosmopen Device

During the Procedure

During a microneedling session, our provider will use the COSMOPen device to make tiny pricks across the surface of your skin at rapid speed. The depth of these pricks can be adjusted and will depend on your unique skin concerns, as discussed in your consultation.

Aftercare & Recovery

After your microneedling treatment, you will be able to resume normal activity. There is no downtime or recovery process required. We may advise you to apply certain solutions and sunscreen daily after your treatment.

For optimal results, you may need to return for anywhere between 2-6 microneedling sessions, each set one to two weeks apart, depending on the cosmetic concerns being treated.

Patient Returning For A Microneedling Treatment

The Benefits of Microneedling Procedures

Microneedling is one of the most popular non-surgical cosmetic treatments because it provides a wide variety of skincare benefits. This minimally invasive procedure can address multiple aesthetic concerns at once, boosting your skin health and producing long-lasting results. Learn more about each of the benefits of microneedling here:

Reduces Scarring

Whether you have scarring from acne, blemishes or past surgeries, microneedling can reduce the appearance of these scars. The healing response stimulated by microneedling encourages new skin cell growth, leading to fresh, healthy tissue formation in place of old fibrous scar tissue (the process that replaces a scab with skin cells after an injury). This minimizes conditions like acne scarring, surgical scars, and even keloids.

Heals Acne

Microneedling is an excellent option for treating active acne as well as scarring from previous blemishes. Acne is one of the most common skincare concerns, and the condition affects patients of all ages. The microneedling process stimulates healing and new cell growth, leading to healthier, smoother skin without acne scarring and blemishes.

Resolves Signs of Aging

With age, our skin changes in many ways. The loss of elasticity and the decrease in collagen production can lead to larger pores, wrinkle formation, sagging skin, and more. Microneedling treatments can effectively increase collagen and elastin production in your skin, reversing these age-related changes.

Rebuilds Collagen

Aging skin has a lack of collagen proteins, which leads to numerous age-related changes. The healing process involved in microneedling naturally boosts the collagen in your skin, firming, lifting and rebuilding tissue that has changed with collagen depletion.

Diminishes Dark Pigmentation

Whether from age or sun damage, dark pigmentation affects various skin tones and complexions. While you could try over-the-counter products to create a more even skin tone, microneedling is a more effective and result-positive treatment. When the microneedling process stimulates new cell growth, it will lead to shedding of old skin and unraveling a brighter, more even skin tone.

Promotes Hair Growth

Microneedling performed with or without PRP/PRF (see below) is also often used to treat hair loss or thinning hair. The stimulation achieved by needle pokes elicits healing proteins to gather around which serves as a type of fertilizer for the hair follicles. This can be further enhanced when these proteins (isolated by drawing blood in a tube and spinning the red blood cells out of the mix) called PRP or PRF are withdrawn and injected directly into the scalp around the hair follicles where they can promote new hair growth in areas where thinning has occurred.

Microneedling Benefits To Face

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The “Vampire Facial”: Microneedling with PRP/PRF

Microneedling is sometimes used with platelet-rich plasma (PRP) or platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) for added cosmetic benefits. When PRP or PRF are injected into the skin during a Vampire Facial, these formulas naturally induce collagen production on the most superficial layers. To enhance your skin’s reception of these nutritional injections, providers perform microneedling before or during the facial.

Microneedling at Cosmetic Injectables Center

Woman Suffering From Skin Issues

If you struggle with uneven skin tone, wrinkles, acne scarring, sagging skin, or other cosmetic skin issues, you may be a good candidate for microneedling. The professionals at Cosmetic Injectables Center will consult with you about how the minimally invasive microneedling treatments can help resolve these common aesthetic issues and enhance your skin health. 

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Our team has years of experience in providing Microneedling treatments. Get in touch today!

Microneedling FAQs

Can Microneedling ruin your skin?

If the needles are dull or if the engine of the pen is weak then the needles may be scraped across the skin, causing injury. Leaving tears instead of small controlled microscopic puncture sights. Tears can potentially result in scarring. It’s important that the person injecting is a medical provider. In order to stay as clean as possible to prevent infections resulting in abscess and possible scarring.

How much does Microneedling cost?

It can cost anywhere between $250 to $600 per session. However, if PRP or PRF is added then that may increase the price to $700 to $1200 per session.

How long does Microneedling last?

Microneedling causes an increase in collagen. In which can last up to two years. Other symptoms of improvement depend on the level of sun exposure and other environmental modalities such as: smoking, unhealthy eating habits, etc. When used in conjunction with other creams that help preserve microneedling then it can be used as a temporary enhancement of other modalities.

Does Microneedling hurt?

Depending on the strength of numbing cream used and how long it remains on the skin, it can be tolerated.

What age is best for microneedling?

Due to the fact that there is no substance being injected into the body it can be performed on any age range.

What is better: Chemical Peel or Microneedling?

They do different things. Microneedling focuses on collagen boosting modalities whereas a chemical peel focuses on shedding outer layer skin more quickly.

Do you peel after Microneedling?

Yes. Due to the enhancement of new cells growing, old cells can shed as they’re being replaced.

Are microneedling results permanent?

No. Although, they can help improve collagen for a very long time ie. two years.

What is the recovery after microneedling?

The recovery depends on the depth of needling penetration and number of passes in each area. There can be a minimal pink hue which most consider minimal to zero downtime to deeper treatments that can result in a darker pink presentation that may look like a sunburn lasting two to three days.

Will microneedling make me look younger?

Microneedling enhances the sheen on skin due to new skin growth from underneath. It also helps elastin, collagen production, and reduces the appearance of scars and acne. The skin looks brighter giving a more clearer youthful appearance.

Get the results you’ve always wanted from the nation’s leading physician for Cosmetic Injectables!