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Hands Sherman Oaks

As we get older, a number of visible signs appear in the hands that give away our age such as the formation of dark spots to a loss of volume and elasticity in the skin. At Cosmetic Injectables, we offer a number of Hand Rejuvenation options such as dermal filler, topical creams and laser treatments to restore a youthful appearance to the hands.

&Quot;Comparison Of Hands Before And After Cosmetic Injectable Procedure At Cosmetic Injectable Centre.

General Overview

Women Showing Her Hands

Our hands are often overlooked as we begin our cosmetic journey to regain our youthful appearance. As we age, we can experience volume loss, sun spots, wrinkles, and crepey skin on our hands. Those who frequently work with their hands also have additional issues like bruising and scarring. These issues can be treated in multiple ways, which will be outlined further in detail on this page.

Issue of Concern


Bruising is a widespread concern, and although temporary, the appearance of bruising on the hands can be unflattering and unsightly for weeks if left untreated.

Treatment options

Some preventative measures that can be taken to avoid bruising include taking arnica tablets and icing/elevating the hands directly after impact. These things can help reduce the severity of the bruise, but if you are still suffering from a bruised hand, you can also get treated with a bruise laser. Bruising lasers, like the Cutera Excel V laser we have at Cosmetic Injectables Center in Sherman Oaks, CA. Treatments with a bruise laser are quick, relatively pain-free, and require no downtime. One bruising laser treatment can reduce the bruise healing time from two weeks to several days. The price for bruise laser treatment at Cosmetic Injectables Center is highly competitive. If the bruising being treated results from work done in our office, the laser treatment is entirely complimentary. The best time to treat a bruise is still in its “black and blue” phase. If the bruise has healed to the “yellow and green” stage, the healing process is already well underway, and bruising laser treatment would not be recommended. To find out more about our bruising laser treatments, visit our page on the topic.

Hand Bruising
Scarring Of Hand


Of course, scarring can occur on any area of the body, but scars on the hands can be particularly troublesome because the hands are almost impossible to conceal. Scarring on the hands is a highly prevalent concern for anyone who works with their hands in the kitchen, warehouse, or other active careers. Below are the various treatments offered at Cosmetic Injectables Center in Sherman Oaks, California.

Treatment options

One of the ways to treat scarring on the hands is with ablative laser therapy. Many scars, including surgical, atrophic, hypertrophic, and hypopigmented, can be treated with ablative laser therapy. Still, multiple laser sessions are typically required to smooth out scar texture and appearance thoroughly. There is typically minimal downtime associated with ablative laser resurfacing, but there are specific recommendations for proper aftercare: 

    • Keep the treated area out of the sun; if sun exposure cannot be entirely avoided, use a high-SPF sunscreen.
    • Avoid harsh topicals with alpha hydroxy or beta hydroxy acids and other active ingredients such as retinol.
    • Refrain from getting any kind of chemical peels for several weeks
    • Avoid using any harsh exfoliants on the area for several weeks after laser treatments

Other less intense laser treatments, such as laser genesis, have also been shown to help reduce the appearance of scarring. Click here to learn more about the laser treatments we offer in-house at Cosmetic Injectables Center. 

Microneedling is one of the best ways to treat scarring and stimulates collagen and tissue growth in the affected area. Tiny micro-channels are also created through the microneedling process that helps the skin break down the scar tissue and bring vital nutrients to the site to help heal the scar tissue. Depending on the severity of the scarring, you will likely need several microneedling sessions to reduce the appearance of the scarring completely. The more severe surgery or burn/trauma scars can take six to eight sessions to see full results. Downtime associated with microneedling is minimal, and you can continue to go about your day after the treatment. Redness and swelling are entirely normal and will subside within one to two days. However, it is recommended that you wait 24 hours to put on makeup after your microneedling session. Avoiding strenuous exercise and excess heat (saunas, hot tubs, and steam rooms) for 48 hours after microneedling will allow the skin to heal correctly. 

Filler can be used for scars that have created divots or depressions in the skin to create an even and smooth appearance. This filling process works to eliminate the most prominent side effect of scarring, which is the uneven surface area of the skin. Dermal fillers do not, however, have any effect on the discoloration of the skin that can occur as a result of scarring. No downtime is associated with filler injections, although some bruising and swelling may occur that will likely subside within a few hours or up to two weeks. The dermal filler will last between three months to two years, depending on the type and amount of filler used and the patient’s metabolism. The price of the procedure varies depending on what filler is used and how many syringes are needed to fill in the scar.

Our team has years of experience in providing Hand Treatments. Get in touch today!

Hands With Sunspots


There are many names for sunspots, such as age spots, liver spots, or solar lentigines. Our hands are one of the first places these spots show up as we often forget to use sun protection on them as we go about our days, especially when we drive in our cars. Sun spots or age spots can be associated with getting older and can be a source of insecurity for those who have begun to notice these spots pop up on their hands. Luckily these spots are easily treatable with several different treatment modalities that we offer at Cosmetic Injectables Center in Sherman Oaks, California.

Treatment options

Laser treatments can be highly effective in treating sunspots. Several treatments are likely necessary to remove altogether the appearance of the spots spaced out over a period of time. Pain associated with the laser treatment is extremely minimal, and the procedure has no downtime. It is recommended that a high SPF sunscreen be worn at all times when exposed to the sun or that the hands are gloved or shaded from sun exposure. 

At Cosmetic Injectables Center, we offer a variety of medical-grade skincare products that treat various skin concerns. When treating sunspots, we recommend a lightening HQRA cream with 5% hydroquinone and 1% tretinoin, reducing the appearance of age spots and pigmentation. We also offer a 5% lightning cream with the same 5% hydroquinone but without the tretinoin, making it a better option for individuals who cannot stay out of the sun. We also offer Defenage brand hand and body lotion, which can improve and lighten hyperpigmentation and sun spots.

Microneedling is a highly effective way to treat sun spots. The CosmoPen device triggers the skin’s healing response by puncturing its miniature and sterilized needles, stimulating collagen production and skin cell turnover. Anywhere between two and six sessions may be necessary to see full results from microneedling treatment. In some cases, a combination treatment plan may be recommended to treat sunspots. The skilled providers at Cosmetic Injectables Center can perfectly tailor a treatment plan that meets your specific needs. 

Microdermabrasion can be utilized alone or in combination with the treatment options listed above to treat and diminish the appearance of sun spots or age spots. It is a deep exfoliation done by an experienced professional. By gently removing the top layer of skin, we can strip away the old damaged skin on the surface to reveal new and rejuvenated skin. At Cosmetic Injectables Center, our talented esthetician can tailor your skin treatments to your individualized needs and concerns.

Chemical Peels are most popularly utilized on the face, but they can be beneficial for other areas of the body, including the hands. There are several different chemical peels, all with varying degrees of intensity. There are light or superficial chemical peels, medium-depth chemical peels, and deep chemical peels. The chemical peel that works best for your hands will likely be medium-depth. The medium chemical peel effectively treats sun damage, melasma, sun-induced pigmentation (sun spots), and hyperpigmentation. Chemical peels are also included on this page for their effectiveness in treating wrinkles or crepeiness.

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Wrinkles and crepiness on the hands are extremely common concerns and a dead giveaway to one’s age. The hands and neck are often two areas that get overlooked when beginning one’s cosmetic journey, but they are vital areas to treat and protect as they are often one of the first places the effects of the aging process become apparent. Luckily, several treatment options are offered at Cosmetic Injectables Center to diminish and reverse the appearance of wrinkles and crepiness on the hands. 

Hand With Wrinkles

Treatment options

Smooth threads are made of PDO dissolvable suture material that are placed under the skin to boost collagen production. These smooth threads can be placed in multiple locations on the top of the hand to improve the texture and appearance of the hands. PDO smooth threads work to build up collagen in the area they are placed, and barbed PDO threads generate a lifting effect as well as building collagen in the treatment area. Be sure to ask the knowledgeable professionals at Cosmetic Injectables Center which treatment option they recommend to treat your concerns. 

Chemical peels can be utilized to treat a variety of skin concerns and conditions, and wrinkles/crepeniess are among the most common. A medium-depth peel will likely be recommended to treat wrinkling or crepiness on the hands. Chemical peels work to improve the appearance of wrinkles, crepiness, and other skin concerns like sun spots and other forms of pigmentation. Chemical peels remove the top layer of the skin, and the skin that grows underneath as a result of that peel is smoother and less wrinkly.

  • Topicals  

At Cosmetic Injectables Center, we offer a variety of medical-grade skincare products to address wrinkles and crepiness on the hands. Some product options include our advanced retinol serum, our vitamin C serum, our HQRA lightening cream, and our restructuring multi-peptide biotherapy moisturizer. To view our entire skincare product line, click here

Loss In Volume Hand

Volume Loss

Volume loss in the hands is a natural part of the aging process. As we age, our bones become brittle, our collagen production reduces, and our skin becomes thinner. As a result of this process, our hands can appear translucent and sickly. Dermal fillers such as Restylane Lyft are typically used to treat volume loss in the hands. 

Treatment options

  • Filler

Two fillers on the market FDA approvalA-approval to treat volume loss in the hands: Radiesse and Restylane Lyft. Other fillers have also been used off-label to treat volume loss in the hands as well. A youthful and healthy appearance can be restored by adding filler to the tops of the hands.

Before and After Gallery

Hands Before And After
Hands Treatment After

Our team has years of experience in providing Hand Treatments. Get in touch today!

Hand Treatments FAQs

Will a chemical peel get rid of sunspots?

Yes! Chemical peels are an excellent way to diminish the appearance of sunspots on the face, neck, and hands. Chemical peels work to reduce the appearance of sunspots by using an acid to remove the outer layer of the skin to reveal smooth and revitalized skin underneath.

How do I make my hands look younger?

There are many ways to make one’s hands look younger. You can apply topicals such as vitamin C or retinol serum. We offer a variety of medical-grade products at Cosmetic Injectables Center that can be purchased here through our website or at our office in Sherman Oaks, CA. Another way to make hands look younger would be with dermal fillers such as Radiesse or Restylane Lyft. Additionally, microneedling, chemical peels, smooth threads, and Microderm abrasion can all be used to improve the texture of the hands and therefore make them look more youthful.

Can you put filler in your hands?

There are two fillers with FDA approval for use in the hands, Radisse and Restylane Lyft. However, other fillers can also be used off-label to help correct volume loss in the hands. Call our office today at 818-322-0122 to book a consultation with one of our master injectors to see what options best suit your needs.

Which treatment is best for hands?

There are a variety of treatments and topicals that can be utilized to treat common skin concerns on the hands. The above page outlines the myriad options available to rejuvenate and revitalize your hands. For more information about the treatment options available for the hands, call our office today at 818-322-0122!

What helps aging skin on hands?

Aging skin on the hands can be prevented by wearing sunscreen on the hands every day and keeping them out of the sun as much as possible. Driving gloves could be one way of protecting your hands from sun damage. A  full range of treatments offered to help aging skin on hands at Cosmetic Injectables Center includes dermal fillers for volume loss, smooth threats to stimulate collagen production, and chemical peels and microneedling to improve wrinkles and texture. Another option to help slow the aging process on the hands is applying topical treatments such as our HQRA lightening cream, vitamin C serum, or our prescription strength retinol cream.

How can I increase collagen in my hands?

Collagen supplements can be ingested orally to increase collagen production in the body. However, there are other methods of collagen stimulation that can be administered locally in the hands through the use of smooth PDO threads. Other options include topicals such as hyaluronic acid, retinol, or vitamin C creams.

How can I remove wrinkles from my hands?

Reducing the appearance of wrinkles in the hands can be achieved through either topical creams containing retinol or glycolic acid or through various treatments such as chemical peels or laser skin resurfacing. Fillers can also be used to add fullness to the hands if volume loss is the reason for wrinkling.

How do you reverse aging hands?

Many routes can be taken to reverse aging hands. Preventative measures can be taken to protect the hands from further damage, such as applying sunscreen and keeping hands moisturized and out of the sun. Other treatments that can help reverse the signs of aging on the hands include chemical peels, microdermabrasion, laser treatments, and fillers.

Can your hands tell your age?

Yes, your hands are one of the first areas on the body that begin to show signs of aging, along with the face and neck. Certain lifestyle changes can help slow your hands’ aging process, such as avoiding smoking, wearing sunscreen and avoiding sun damage, and eating foods containing vitamin C and antioxidants.

What happens to your hands when you age?

As we age, our hands lose volume due to fat loss and collagen depletion. Other visible signs of aging hands include wrinkling and sunspots, and the veins may become more pronounced. Other more serious issues may arise, such as arthritis, grip strength difficulties, and skin cancer. Taking steps today can help improve the appearance of your hands, such as drinking plenty of water, protecting them from the sun, eating foods rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, and using retinoids.

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