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Cosmetic Injectables Gains Media Attraction

Cosmetic Injectables Opening Covered By Media “I had already been a physician for nearly a decade when I went to have a filler procedure under my eyes by a reputable injector,” said Dr. Soleiman, “but the results were highly unfavorable.

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dermal fillers

Wrinkle Treatment: When Do You Really Need It?

Whether you’re just starting to notice the first hints of crow’s feet when you smile, or you feel like those deep forehead lines crept up on you overnight, it’s very common to wonder when you should go for dermal fillers or Botox

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too much botox

Botox: When Enough Is Enough!

We all know the look, when you can tell someone has gone overboard with the injections… whether that’s too much Botox or an overabundance of dermal fillers.

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Simple makeup look

Less Makeup, Still Gorgeous!

In recent years there has been a welcomed, refreshing change from this as we see more celebrities going makeup-less or opting for a more natural-looking makeover

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True beauty

What Does It Mean To Be Truly Beautiful Inside And Out?

Here at the Cosmetic Injectables Center (CIC), we work toward this definition of beauty daily. We accentuate the face and play with shadows and light to help clients put their best face forward, following standards for beauty that are pretty much scientifically defined in many instances.

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