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MedSpa Sherman Oaks: The Ultimate Guide to MedSpa Services– Enhancing Beauty and Wellness

by | Mar 19, 2024 | MedSpa

In recent years, the idea of a MedSpa has gained great attention, combining medical technology and traditional spa treatments. These treatments can be either for skin, facial enhancement as well as overall well-being. These top-notch services have resulted in the growth of offices that provide a wide range of treatments to people looking for non-invasive procedures while still providing the comfort and relaxation that is normally associated with a spa.

Medspas, often known as ‘medical spas,’ are another kind of beauty day spa that provides more comprehensive cosmetic treatments such as injections of prescription medication (ie. Botox and implants ie. fillers). On the surface, these treatments appear uniform amongst all Medspas and comparable to those provided by the team at Cosmetic Injectables Center.

However, skills and experience vary amongst providers in this field, and the expertise of Dr Soleiman, a national faculty and speaker for the makers of Botox, is at a different level. She and her team of providers are leaders in the field of minimally invasive procedures.

Understanding MedSpa Services

Medspas have grown in popularity, owing to their widespread availability and lower costs compared to more traditional surgeons. This might tempt individuals to choose the least expensive option because no one wants to pay more for something that appears to be identical. However, the least expensive option doesn’t mean that the treatment is done by certified practitioners under the watch of a physician or that the products used are genuine and FDA-approved.

Cosmetic Injectables Center is not a typical, non-MD ‘medspa.” The center has a Board certified, medical doctor onsite who specializes in the field of cosmetic injectables and non-invasive cosmetic procedures. Our medical director, Dr. Sherly Soleiman focuses on and actively sees patients for non-surgical cosmetic treatments full-time at our MedSpa facility, alongside her teaching and clinical trials in the same field.

Many Medspas, in general, have a medical director who’s not specialized in this field and often not even onsite. On the other end of the spectrum, most dermatologists and plastic surgeons usually spend a lot of their time doing medical procedures and/or cosmetic surgeries, and only a limited amount of time on non-surgical aesthetic procedures. This results in less experience with the details and nuances of minimally invasive procedures.

What to Consider When Choosing a MedSpa

When selecting a MedSpa for cosmetic injectables, you should examine many aspects to guarantee you’re in the hands of a qualified healthcare practitioner. Below are mentioned few things to keep in mind when choosing a medspa:

  • Expertise: You need to look for a medspa staffed by certified medical experts, such as physicians or nurse injectors, who have had years of specialized training and experience delivering cosmetic injectables.
  • Safety And Cleanliness: You need to ensure that the facility adheres to stringent safety measures and maintains high levels of cleanliness and hygiene to reduce the possibility of complications or infections.
  • Reputation: Look into prior client reviews and testimonials to determine Medspa’s reputation and service quality.
  • Customized Treatment Programs: Look for a medspa/aesthetic center that provides personalized treatment programs based on your specific requirements and intended outcomes, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach.
  • Follow-Up Care: Select a medspa that offers full follow-up care to ensure the best outcomes and address any post-treatment problems or complications.
  • Quality of Products: Ensure that the medspa employs high-quality, genuine, FDA-approved injectable products from reputable companies to ensure safety and efficacy.
  • Medical Director who Specializes in Minimally Invasive Procedures- You want to ensure that if there is a side effect or medical issue, the medical doctor is an expert in addressing your concerns.
  • Office Offers and Encourages Reward Points by Major Companies– this may be an indication that they carry genuine products.

Preparing for Your MedSpa Visit

An important step before choosing the treatment is choosing the spa that will take care of you and help you achieve the youthful appearance you have always dreamed of. Below you can find directions that our healthcare practitioners share with our patients to prepare them for their first visit:

  • Provide your medical history to our healthcare practitioners and advise them about any existing allergies, and health issues that you may have;
  • Confirm your appointment 24 hours prior to your visit;
  • Come in with face clean of any makeup or lotions;
  • Avoid vaccinations for 2 weeks before and after your visit;
  • Postpone your treatment if pregnant, breastfeeding, rash or infection in an area of treatment, or any allergy symptoms;
  • Avoid alcohol consumption and anti-inflammatory medications for 5 days prior to your visit since they can cause bruising: Ibuprofen, aspirin, blood-thinning medications, fish or fish oil.

Aftercare and Maintenance

When it comes to cosmetic treatments, aftercare is essential in order to avoid any side effects and maintain results. Below you can find some tips for aftercare after your treatment:

  • Avoid blood-thinning medications and supplements for a few days after your treatment;
  • Don’t apply make-up or creams for 24 hours after treatment if you have done a facial procedure. This way you will decrease the risk of infection,
  • Do not touch your face or contaminate your skin with your phone for 24 hours after injections;
  • Make follow-up appointments with our healthcare providers at Cosmetic Injectables Center to check your progress and determine if further treatments are needed;
  • Avoid alcohol consumption at least 24 hours following the treatment since it can cause dehydration and bruising;
  • Avoid strenuous exercise for 24-48 hours after your procedure;

Real Stories and Testimonials

‘Listen, you want expertise, Dr Soleiman & Nurse Ellen are it.

The real test of a medical staff is when someone has an issue. My friend had a random/extremely rare issue with Her sensitivity to her treatment (sometimes her body just is the 1%) and the follow-up from the doctor was EVERYTHING, compassionate, concerned, proactive, and effective. She is going back not just because it was good work, but because they earned her trust with their actions.”

“As a regular there, I just ask Nurse Ellen to tell me what to do, (she tells me what I need and DON’T NEED!) I go in with my alle points and always leave happy. And shout out to the facialist, 100% worth the $”

Emily J. Los Angeles, CA

“If you get any type of injectable you know that it’s so important to find a place with people you trust and that’s affordable because things can add up quickly. I had to leave the place I was previously going to because they became very elitist and were closing in on the $20 mark for 1 unit of Botox. 

I’m so glad I came across this place, I’ve seen Melody and Catherine and I greatly appreciate how thorough and thoughtful they are. I’ve only gotten Botox and Dysport but I don’t doubt that their other services are great. They also partner with Alle and Aspire so you get points towards your services that become a price discount which I think is soooo important and tells you a lot about a place. If a place doesn’t partner with them you can tell they are in it for the money which is a no go. The ladies at the front desk are also great, I wish I was better at names so I could give them a shout out. The girl with the long black hair is the one I’ve checked in and out with the most and she is so sweet. When it comes to parking there are only 3 or so spots behind the building but there’s metered parking in front and then a lot across the street so don’t let parking deter you.”

Ash. B Thousand Oaks, CA


The MedSpa services have become essential components of modern beauty and wellness treatments. As we said, they provide a combination of medical expertise and spa-like relaxation. Whether you’re looking for cosmetic enhancements or rejuvenating treatments, they offer a holistic approach to self-care. We invite you to take the next step and meet our MedSpa specialists to consult and generate a personalized treatment based on your specific goals. Accept the chance to invest in yourself and experience the effects that our Cosmetic Injectables Center can provide. Your road to glowing confidence begins here.

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MedSpa FAQs

What is the definition of a Medical Spa?

A Medical Spa, or MedSpa is a quickly expanding field in medicine that provides medical-grade, minimally invasive cosmetic treatments in a relaxing environment. Furthermore, they also sell skin care products that can help with the recovery after the cosmetic procedure.

What are the most popular Medical Spa services?

The most popular Medical Spa services are Botox Cosmetic treatments, treatments with dermal fillers, laser treatments, chemical peels, body contouring procedures, and Morpheus 8 tightening procedures.

How many MedSpa are there in the US?

Currently, in the United States, there are approximately 8800 medical Spas. Most of them are located in New York, Houston, California, and Los Angeles.

How big is the Spa industry?

The Spa industry is expanding rapidly every day. In fact, the worldwide Spa market is predicted to increase from over 95 billion US dollars in 2021 to more than 185 billion US dollars by 2030.

What cities have the most MedSpas?

The most medspas in the United States are located in New York, California, Los Angeles, and Houston. In fact, the Cosmetic Injectables Center is located in one of the most famous areas known for MedSpas and includes celebrity clientele.

Why do people go to MeSpas?

People go to MedSpas to improve their overall aesthetic appearance which includes relaxing negative facial expressions, contouring their face and skin, and smoothing out wrinkles and lines. Additionally, at medspas, laser therapies are used for skin resurfacing, hair removal, and rejuvenation.

What are the most profitable MedSpa services?

Treatments like botox injections, dermal fillers, lasers, and body contouring procedures are the most profitable MedSpa services. In general, the most profitable medical spa services are those that are in high demand and have a high profit margin.

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