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Botox Lip Flip vs Fillers: What You Have to Know

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If you want a fuller lip structure and the convenience of an inexpensive and impermanent procedure, the Botox lip flip may be perfect for you. Not only is this non-invasive procedure quick and easy, but it often results in a more subtle, natural lip augmentation when compared to lip fillers. This is because a lip flip works by “flipping” the lip upwards rather than inflating volume with a filler material.

By injecting Botox or other neuromodulators into the orbicularis oris (the muscle in charge of your upper lip movement), a lip flip procedure relaxes the targeted muscles and allows the top lip to roll outward. A lip flip is a safe and effective treatment for those looking to achieve fuller lip size while retaining a natural look and feel.

What is a Lip Flip?

A Botox lip flip is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure, meaning there is no intrusive surgical process involved. Instead, an injection specialist injects a small number of Botox injections along the upper lip to relax the muscles, allowing the upper lip to “flip” upwards and outwards – hence the catchy term. Lip flips can also help even out the lip structure for those with disproportional or crooked lips.

This procedure does more than enhance the natural shape of the lip — it also protects the lip edges from wrinkle lines by preventing the pursing motion (as seen when sucking on a straw). This restriction in frequency and severity of muscle movement around the mouth area stalls the formation of wrinkles. As such, the Botox lip flip acts as both a lip enhancer and a wrinkle-preventer.

Pros and Cons of a Lip Flip Procedure

If you’re considering getting a lip flip with Botox, it’s essential to understand the pros and cons of the procedure. Depending on what you personally desire from a lip-enhancing procedure, lip flips have their own list of positives and negative attributes:

Lip Flip Procedure Pros Cons | Cosmetic Injectables Center Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles, California

Lip Flip Before and After

Even though a lip flip is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure, it is still important to treat yourself well before and after the treatment while recovering. The entire process should take around one hour, so schedule accordingly.

After a lip flip, you should avoid applying pressure or excessive movement to the area for a few days to keep the Botox from spreading. You should also avoid smoking to prevent the skin-drying and aging effects of tobacco products. Neither the procedure nor the recovery should cause severe pain. However, if you do experience pain, discomfort, or numbness in the area for more than a few days, notify your injection specialist immediately.

How Much is a Botox Lip Flip?

A Botox lip flip is a relatively inexpensive cosmetic procedure. Costs vary depending on the injection specialist’s experience and ability, as well as your geographical location. At our office, you can expect to spend between $20 and $60 per unit of Botox. However, lip flips don’t last up to a year as fillers do, so it’s essential to factor in the cost of recurring trips.

Compared to lip fillers, which can go for around $1,000 per treatment, a lip flip procedure is very affordable and brings the option of cosmetically enhanced lips to anyone who wants them. Unfortunately, as a lip flip is a cosmetic procedure, costs will not be covered by most insurance companies.

Am I a Good Candidate For a Botox Lip Flip?

Like with all procedures, some people are better candidates for a lip flip than others. Anyone interested in getting a lip flip should consult with a certified injection specialist to ensure they’re good-to-go for the procedure.

You are a good candidate for a lip flip procedure if:

  • You’re over the age of 18.
  • You have no history of mouth-related medical issues.
  • You desire a more full, even lip structure

Where Can I Get a Botox Lip Flip?

If you’re interested in getting a Botox lip flip, the first step is to contact a trustworthy and reputable injections center near you to schedule a consultation. A consultation will help determine your appearance goals and allow the injector to develop a treatment plan for treating your unique lips.

Here at Cosmetic Injectables Center, Dr. Soleiman and her staff of expert injectors will make sure you’re catered to from the first consultation to the final checkup.

Lip Flip vs Filler

A Botox Lip Flip is often compared with lip fillers – but what exactly is the difference between the two procedures?

If you are already satisfied with the shape and size of your lips and are primarily looking to enhance features of what you already have, then a Botox lip flip is the right move for you. Botox lip flips help primarily to even out lip shape and “flip” the lip out to be more visible.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a wider range of possible results, then hyaluronic lip fillers may be the better choice. Because the hyaluronic acid present in lip fillers is instantly dissolvable, your injector can work with you to find the perfect amount and location of filler.

Contact Us Today

Whether you’re interested in fuller lips, wrinkle-protection, or just want to try a new cosmetic enhancement that won’t break the bank, a Botox lip flip may be the right procedure for you. Contact us today via email or over the phone to speak with one of our professionals and set up a consultation.

Lip Flip FAQ

Will Lip Flips Interfere With Blow Jobs, Oral Sex, or Kissing?

Lip flips have no impact on kissing, and your partner will not be able to feel any difference in the texture of your lips aside from the more “flipped out” lip position.

Though any impact on oral sex will be extremely minimal, it may become a bit more difficult to cover your teeth with your lips. However, this side effect will subside with repeat treatment.

How Old Do You Have to Be to Get a Lip Flip?

To undergo a Botox lip flip procedure, you must be over the age of 18. This age requirement is in place to ensure that patients are mature enough to make informed decisions about cosmetic procedures and that their facial features have fully developed.

It’s important for potential candidates to consult with a certified injection specialist to discuss their suitability for the procedure and to understand the potential outcomes and any associated risks. As with any cosmetic procedure, it’s crucial to consider both the physical and psychological impacts, especially for younger individuals.

Will Lip Flips Affect My Smile?

Yes, a lip flip will affect your smile for the better! Botox relaxes the upper lip, allowing it to drop down and conceal a gummy smile.

Will Lip Flips Impact My Speech or Singing?

Lip flips do not affect the voice. Still, it is not uncommon for the lips to feel slightly numb. In turn, this may slightly affect one’s ability to pronounce words beginning with the letters “B” or “P.” Those who are worried about this side effect should only get this treatment if they will have sufficient downtime for the side effects to subside.

Who is the Best Candidate for a Lip Flip?

The best candidates for lip flips are those who use the lip muscles the most, as they are the most likely to end up with smoker’s lines. They are also the ones most likely to feel any side effects. Those who are worried about experiencing any side effects should ensure they will have the needed downtime to acclimate to the new sensations after their procedure.

Will a Lip Flip Give Me “Duck Lips”?

No. Because lip flips do not actually add volume to the lips, they will not create a duck-like appearance.

How Often Will I Have to Get This Treatment?

Lip flip results typically dissipate in six to eight weeks. The procedure can then be repeated immediately. However, it is possible that your results will last longer over time, as Botox trains the muscles to relax on their own.

How Many Units of Botox are Used For a Lip Flip?

We recommend 5-10 units of Botox for the bottom lip and 2-10 units of Botox for the upper lip, depending on the patient’s anatomy, lip concerns and goals. Injecting more Botox will provide longer lasting results.

Will Lip Flips Impact Eating and/or Drinking?

No, lip flips do not impact eating – but they can have an effect on drinking from a straw.

After a procedure, it may be difficult to purse your lips together to drink out of a straw. Such effects are temporary, will subside over time, and are unlikely to occur in the hands of the right injector.

Does a Lip Lift Make Lips Bigger?

While a lip flip can make the upper lip look fuller, it does not add any actual volume. Consequently, we recommend a hybrid lip lift/lip filler treatment for the best results.

Is Lip Flipping Safe?

Yes. Lip flips typically do not use enough neuromodulators to pose any significant risk to the patient. However, some minor bruising, swelling, or numbness may occur.

Can a Lip Lift Help Enhance My Top Lip?

It is normal for lips to thin with age, especially the upper lip. Over time, the upper lip may flatten and “fold over” due to loss of collagen. A lip lift can rejuvenate your face by “flipping” out your pout.

How Bad Does a Lip Flip Hurt?

Lip flips are a minor procedure that typically do not even require any numbing. According to Healthline, most people liken the sensation to having a pimple on the lip.

How Much Does a Bullhorn Lip Lift Cost?

As stated by RealSelf, a bullhorn lip lift costs an average of $3,250. This is also an invasive, surgical procedure — meaning it will necessitate a longer recovery time and carries more risks than a lip flip.

Can You Get a Lip Flip While Pregnant?

There are currently no studies on the safety of getting Botox injections while pregnant or breastfeeding. Consequently, it is best to err on the side of caution and wait until after the pregnancy is over.

Is there such a thing as lip flip surgery?

No, there is not. Lip flips are a non-invasive procedure that only involve a needle for injection of Botox.

Can You Get a lip flip on your bottom lip?

Our offices do not offer lip flips for the bottom lip. The answer is technically yes, but most injectors and doctors consider a bottom lip flip unnecessary, as the goal is typically to increase upper lip volume and alleviate a gummy smile.

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