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Is Your Hair Thinning With Age?

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Who doesn’t love a head of thick, luscious locks? The state of our hair is a marker of youthfulness and health. Unfortunately, with age comes thinning hair and hair loss. Women as well as men experience this, although hair thinning and loss is often more common and more pronounced in men due to testosterone (male pattern baldness). Let’s delve into the causes and reasons for hair thinning as we age, and learn what we can do to combat it.

What happens to hair as we age?

With age, both hair density and hair thickness decrease. Thickness decreases due to hair follicles decreasing in size. At the same time, the production of new hair strands slows down, resulting in a less dense head of hair. And some follicles stop producing hair altogether. When our hair starts showing signs of aging is at least partially genetic.

Male pattern baldness happens as a result of genetics and sex hormones. Follicles begin to shrink, and eventually stop growing hair. This results in a receding hairline and/or thinning/loss of hair around the crown.

Female pattern baldness is also a result of genetics and sex hormones, although the exact mechanisms and reasons are less understood. Female pattern baldness results in more dispersed hair thinning and loss.

What can we do to combat thinning hair with age?

Thickening shampoos and other hair products can help hair appear thicker. And speaking of hair products, choose them wisely. Aging hair is more delicate and more susceptible to damage from certain chemicals, dyes, and heat. Make sure those locks receive lots of moisture too…use conditioner, hair oils, or other moisturizing products to combat any dryness.

Eating a well balanced diet full of beneficial vitamins and minerals is important in general, but may also help with hair thickness. So eat those veggies! Collagen supplements may also help.

Using hair loss prevention products can help too. Growth serums can prevent hair loss, slow thinning and stimulate hair growth.

When hair loss/thinning isn’t normal

Age related hair loss should be gradual. If you find your hair falling out in unusual amounts or your hair is thinning very quickly, see your doctor. It could be normal, however, certain vitamin deficiencies or hormonal issues can cause your hair to fall out too quickly.

If you live in the L.A. area, we offer several options to help combat thinning or aging hair here at the Cosmetic Injectables Center. Microneedling the scalp with MesoHairGro® provides excellent results in many cases in as little as 10-15 sessions. Platelet rich plasma (PRP) injections are another option that use your very own plasma to help hair growth. We also offer several supplements for hair growth, including medical grade Viviscal tablets, sublingual vitamins and vitamin B shots, and biotin tablets. Laser caps are also on offer for at-home use. These over-the-counter devices utilize low level laser therapy (LLLT) to stimulate hair growth.

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