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Less Makeup, Still Gorgeous!

by | Dec 3, 2019 | Injectables

A lot of the time, women feel the need for makeup in order for us to “feel pretty.” When we’re young, it’s all about looking like the latest influencer and staying on trend. And then as we age and start noticing discoloration or wrinkles, we use makeup as a crutch to get our skin looking more youthful. However, in recent years there has been a welcomed, refreshing change from this as we see more celebrities going makeup-less or opting for a more natural-looking makeover, and magazines opting out from Photoshop culture. And we at the Cosmetic Injectables Center are here to tell you…the natural, no-makeup look is totally in!

Start from the beginning

In order to feel confident forgoing heavy makeup, you’ll need to be sure your skin looks healthy! Moisturize with a good quality, non-comedogenic lotion. Good moisturization reduces the look of fine lines and wrinkles, reveals smooth skin, and remedies dryness. For aging skin, use facial creams that help tighten the skin.

How to rock the simple makeup look

There are lots of times where more heavy makeup is called for, but for your day-to-day goings-on experiment with a more natural look. Go light on foundation and concealer, or opt out of it altogether! Nude lip shades are great for a natural look. They’ll even your lip tone without looking like you’re wearing lipstick. Look for a shade that is similar or just slightly darker than your natural lip color. Choose warm pinks if using blush, and go light and subtle on the eye makeup. Pro tip: do your makeup near a sunny window to ensure your natural look is on point!


If you’re finding that you use heavy makeup all the time to mask facial imperfections, consider a more lasting solution. Some well-placed fillers or Botox can get rid of wrinkles better than any makeup can (truthfully, makeup often highlights wrinkles rather than hides them!) Opt for laser treatment if discoloration, such as acne scars or age spots, is what you want hidden. These are more lasting solutions and will reduce the need for that heavy makeup look!

Makeup styles come and go, but a natural look is timeless. Try it out today, you may be pleasantly surprised at the beautiful face you see smiling back at you in that mirror!

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