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Clear Skin, Clear Mind!

by | Nov 12, 2019 | Injectables

Feeling stressed out these days? I mean, who isn’t? Well, if you’re feeling the need for a mental health boost, sometimes a little self-care goes a long way. And we’re not just talking about bubble baths and binge watching your new favorite Netflix series. Feeling good on the outside is correlated with feeling good on the inside. Taking care of yourself is important, and there are things you can do to help shift your mindset. Take care of yourself, and your confidence and self-esteem levels will flourish!

The mind-body connection

Think about the last time you got a nice haircut or had your nails done in a fun new color you liked. How did it make you feel? If nothing else, we’re sure you had a little extra pep in your step that day! Feeling good about our outside appearance is an important step toward feeling good on the inside as well. Like it or not, confidence rises when we feel good about how we look. It’s human nature. So the next time you’re feeling a bit down, try initiating some lasting changes by taking care of your skin and your appearance. Try a spa day, or even just a little at-home facial with some yogurt and cucumbers or your favorite face mask!

The importance of self care all the time

Self-care isn’t just important when you’re feeling down. It’s important to practice self-care regularly on a day-to-day basis. Make YOU a priority, because you are worth it! Notice something about your skin changing, or some scarring or discoloration? Do you avoid mirrors or do people often assume you’re older than you really are? Having a procedure to feel like yourself again is a huge boost to your self-esteem and that is what some people need to help facilitate a shift in mood.

Self-care is as multifaceted as it is important. There are different types of self-care and one of them is physical self-care. Everyone’s idea of self-care varies. This can look like anything from a hot bath to an extra slice of pie for dessert. Why not go the extra mile and try something that will have you looking good as well as feeling good?

A balanced approach

We must mention that taking care of yourself should go hand-in-hand with outside help if needed. Self-care is great, but there are also times you may need a bit more. A friend to vent to, a therapist to talk things out with, and even medication may sometimes be needed and that’s totally ok! In fact, no one solution works for everybody, and it’s important to combine both caring for your own self with leaning on outside help.

Taking care of you is our specialty here at the Cosmetic Injectables Center in Los Angeles. Our renowned staff is here to help you feel 100%. Give us a call to schedule some well-deserved self-care today!

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