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This Procedure Get Your Skin Renewed In 5 Weeks

by | Anti-aging, Injectables

Want to have baby soft, fresh skin? Looking for a simple way to shave years off your look? One of the best options is to get a chemical peel. These treatments cause the top layer of your skin to peel off, revealing the smooth skin below. You’ll see immediate results with some types of peels, and the entire process is completed in about five weeks. Depending on the type of peel you go with, you can have reduced pore size, diminishes acne scars, and/or erase fine lines. Whatever your concerns, you’re sure to find a chemical peel that’s right for you with our beauty experts here at the Cosmetic Injectables Center!

How does a chemical peel work?

We all have a favorite exfoliating cleanser. It might use beads or even ground nutshells. These cleansers use a physical process to remove dead skin cells and reveal the smoother skin below. A chemical peel is similar to exfoliating your face, except that it utilizes a chemical process for a deeper and more lasting effect without any physical abrasiveness. Naturally derived acids are applied to the skin, which makes the outer layer, the epidermis, eventually flake or peel off, revealing youthful, smooth skin below. This newly exposed layer is usually less wrinkled than the old skin, helping you get that fresh-faced look you’re after.

Chemical peels are perfect for treating aging or damaged skin. They are best used for improving the appearance of the skin on the face, neck, or hands⁠—the body parts that tend to show aging most prominently. The new, regenerated skin is usually smoother and healthier looking, and the process softens fine-lined skin, sun-damaged skin, and erases acne and acne scars. Chemical peels can also help clear bacteria that are trapped in pores. What’s more, they can stimulate collagen growth and regenerate new, healthy skin, so you’ll be reaping the benefits for months to follow.

Types of chemical peels

There are several types of chemical peels, and the one we can help choose for you depends on your skin type. For example, some peels are better for reducing large pores, acne scars, or stretch marks. Other factors may involve allergies or chemical sensitivities. If you have a nut allergy, you shouldn’t get a mandelic peel, which contains nuts. We can help you choose the best option for your unique needs and go over chemical peel benefits with you. There are lactic (milk), mandelic (nuts, mostly almond), glycolic (fruit), TCA (trichloroacetic acid, similar to vinegar), and salicylic acid (made from a fungus) peels.

What about an at-home peel?

Looking for a quicker way to achieve a younger look? At-home chemical peels are available, but an over-the-counter chemical peel will not be as strong as what is available from a doctor or medspa. If you do decide to go this route, we highly advise you to only do so with guidance from your doctor on which type of peel is best for your skin and situation in order to be successful. Keep in mind that it may not provide the same depth of rejuvenation that a doctor or medspa can offer.

So come see us here at the Cosmetic Injectables Center for a consultation. We’ll go over what type of chemical peel is best for your needs.

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