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Not Every Shape Fits Every Style

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Lips…we all have them, right? But people differ as to how much they like or don’t like their lip shape. You can only change so much with lipstick tricks, so many choose lip augmentation in order to get the perfect pout they’re in search of. However, just because a certain type of lip shape looks great on your favorite celebrity, doesn’t mean it will look good on you. Remember, each face is unique, and, while it’s good to have a professional’s guidance when choosing how you want your lips to look and what the best lip filler will be for you.



The lips themselves have certain natural proportions that look best. Generally (of course there are always exceptions) a ratio of 1:3 to 2:3 for the upper lip vs. bottom lip is common, although in Black people a ratio of closer to 1:1 is common, and other ethnicities may fall somewhere on this spectrum. We also need to take into account your other facial features when we talk about proportions. If you have very distinctive features, lips that make a bolder statement may work well on your face, while they would look out of place on a face with more muted or small features. And going from small lips to very voluminous lips may be too sudden of a change all at once. It all depends on your anatomy and face shape.

Think of it like a hairstyle

When you go get your hair done, many people bring in a picture of what they have in mind. A good hairdresser will use this as a guideline, but, as you likely know, certain hairstyles just don’t quite work on, say, a thin face vs. a more rounder face, or may manifest differently on someone with naturally wavy hair vs someone whose hair is always pin straight. So with lip augmentation, having an idea in mind is great, but remember to trust your provider’s advice and experience as well!

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