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Why Jawline Treatments Are So Important

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The jawline is one of the most defining features of the human face. It frames the other facial features and is a big indicator of age, both real and assumed. For this reason and others, in men as well as in women, the jawline is important. In men, a strong, angular jawline often signifies virility and strength; however, a soft, defined jawline indicates femininity and refinement in women. Yet, the jawline is often overlooked in favor of more popular treatments. In this blog, we’ll be explaining why jawline treatments should not be skipped over, as well as looking at some treatment options.

Why focus on the jawline?

Research shows that men with higher levels of the hormone testosterone tend to have more masculine facial features, which often includes a strong, angular jawline. For better or for worse, we have certain biologically-defined definitions of what is attractive, and men with these features often can find it easier to get ahead in both their personal and professional lives. A strong jawline in men is often associated with power, dominance, and confidence. However, not all men are blessed with this feature. If you were born without this prominent characteristic, you can achieve it with the right treatment and rest assured that treatment does not need to include surgery! Today there are numerous non-invasive procedures designed to transform the size and shape of the jaw. Chin fillers and Botulinum Toxin (or more commonly known as Botox) are non-surgical treatments that can give men of all ages the look they desire. Here’s a closer look at your treatment options for a strong jawline that the Cosmetic Injectables Center has to offer.

Chin Fillers

The chin is part of the jawline and one of the most defining features of a person, giving shape to both the face and neck. With age and weight gain, the chin often loses volume and projection giving it a “mushy” appearance. Chin fillers can help extend or reshape the chin to give a stronger and more youthful appearance without looking fake or unnatural. Chin fillers can make a visible improvement including a sharper jawline and a more manly profile.

Botox for Jawline

Botox is actually a very powerful treatment for the jawline. Although a strong jawline gives a manly feature, having a very wide jaw is also not attractive and can make the face appear too heavy. Botox jaw reduction can be used to slim the jawline and give it a balanced look without compromising manly features. During this procedure, Botox is injected directly into the masseter muscle, which is the muscle used to chew and close the mouth. When you arrive at CIC, you’ll undergo a facial analysis to determine the best treatment plan for your individual concerns. Most Botox injection treatments take just minutes to complete but can last anywhere from four to six months. Men who are in the spotlight- men with strong jawlines are often perceived as intelligent and attractive. If you desire a bold, chiseled jawline, chin fillers and Botox are effective ways to transform this area without resorting to surgery.
If you’ve been desiring more than what you see in the mirror each day, CIC has you covered. Come see us for a consultation, where we can show you how we can help you achieve the look you desire!

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