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Early Age Spots

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Age spots, or pigmented dark spots on the face, hands, and other body parts, are physically painless and harmless, but mentally is a different story. Also called liver spots, these usually appear after age 40, however, they can appear before that, even as early as your 20’s, and can be unsettling to discover. Unlike many other causes of discoloration on the skin, they’re seen as a definite marker of advancing age. But fear not, there are things you can do to help!

What Are Age Spots?

These are areas of excess melanin. They often show up as brown spots on the skin, but can also be grey or black. They are darker than the surrounding skin. The cause is not always known. Possible causes include sun exposure or cell breakdown due to aging skin. They occur more often in those with fair skin, those who have had a lot of sun exposure, and those who have used tanning beds frequently. There may also be a hereditary component.

Treatment of Age Spots

Diminishing age spots can be achieved either through topical product application or through procedures. Topically, skin lightening creams make use of ingredients such as hydroquinone, Retinol, and vitamin C which help to lighten the appearance of age spots. These creams do cause sensitivity to the sun, so it’s recommended to follow preventative skin protection measures such as reducing time in the sun and using sunscreens with higher SPF values.

As for procedures, there are also quite a few options when it comes to lightening those dark spots and achieving a more evenly-toned look. Three great options are Laser Genesis, Cutera, and Microneedling.

Laser genesis improves skin appearance overall. In addition to reducing the appearance of age spots and other discoloration, it also reduces pore size and helps with skin texture.

Cutera is a laser treatment that can be tailored to address many different skin concerns. It works by breaking up the pigment clusters responsible for age spots.

Microneedling is just what it sounds like. Many tiny needles pierce the skin (which is nearly painless) which trigger the body’s healing response, pushing fresh collagen to the surface and minimizing the concentration of pigmented skin.

So if early age spots are an issue for you, speak with your dermatologist or other medical professionals about what treatment option is best for you!

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