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Importance of Vitamin A

by | Anti-aging

Vitamin A might be less talked about than its cousins Vitamin C and Vitamin D, but this vitamin is no less essential, especially for your skin health. Vitamin A sources include meat and eggs, and it occurs in the form of carotenoids in many vegetables such as—as the name suggests—carrots. It’s also a common additive in grain products like cereal and in dairy products as well. Vitamin A is fat-soluble, meaning it’s better absorbed when you eat it with fat (so don’t avoid dressing on your salad or a little butter with your eggs!). But diet isn’t the only way to get your vitamin A. Skin is a retinoid-responsive tissue, meaning it readily absorbs retinoids (a form of vitamin A) when they are applied topically. Let’s learn all about the benefits of this amazing vitamin!

General Benefits of Vitamin A

Vitamin A benefits a range of issues, from eyesight to the immune system. It helps prevent night blindness (difficulty seeing well in low light), and also helps slow age-related sight decline. Some studies suggest getting enough of this vitamin may help reduce the risk of certain cancers. Vitamin A also provides a boost to your immune system, and, along with calcium and vitamin D, contributes to bone health as well.

Vitamin A For Skin Health 

Vitamin A really shines when it comes to the skin, and is one of the best vitamins for skin health. The skin easily absorbs vitamin A, making it ideal for topical application. It helps prevent and treat acne. Retinol, as you may or may not know, is actually a form of vitamin A, and is used in many skincare creams, serums, and lotions. These are often available over the counter or in prescription form. Retinol is well known for its anti-aging benefits. It helps with cell turnover, which helps prevent dryness, and stimulates collagen production, both things aging skin really needs.

Some other forms of vitamin A often used in skincare are retinaldehyde and retinyl esters. Prescription medication that makes use of derivations of vitamin A usually use stronger retinoids such as tretinoin and tazarotene. These can provide results more quickly, but carry a higher risk of irritation for those with sensitive skin.

So give your skin some love and try upping your vitamin A intake today! And don’t forget the real star, retinol or other retinoids, in a topical application like cream or a serum. Your skin will thank you later!

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