It is common to get neck lines as we age. The horizontal neck lines occur due to the repetitive bending of the skin (i.e. when we look down on our phones.) As we age, we loose the firmness of our skin and the thickness of its fatty layer which both serve to hold the skin taught and resist droopiness. In order to decrease these folds, the following options exist:

1- Decrease the frequency of bending our heads down
2- Firm the skin using collagen stimulating procedures and creams
3- Support the bent areas (horizontal lines) by injecting fillers to resist the collapse of the skin into a fold with neck movement.


When we smile in photos or turn our heads, these vertical neckbands can stand out as we age. As the fatty layer of the skin thins with aging, the muscles can hyper-contract (there’s less padding to resist the contraction). The outline of the muscles are also more noticeable because the thinner skin no longer hides the transitions. The best option to reduce these lines is the use of muscle relaxing injectables such as Botox and Dysport. These agents decrease the hyper mobility of the platysma and allow a smooth appearance even when we apply force to the muscles.


Skin looses collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid as aging occurs. Hence, it becomes lax and “droopy.” To rejuvenate the skin and add collagen, several collagen stimulating modalities are currently available at our office. These include Novathreads, Lasergenesis, microneedling, radiofrequency treatment (Viora), and Topical agents such as Retin-A and vitamin C. CO2 laser treatment and Ulthera are two other available modalities used to stimulate collagen which we do not offer at our office.


The excess fat under the chin can cause a “double chin” appearance in both men and women, decreasing the definition of the jawline.  We can now permanently decrease the fatty pouch in this area with Kybella.  Applied 3 times, each 6 weeks apart, a layer of fat can be removed.  Some swelling, numbness, and tenderness is to be expected, which all resolve with time.