Dermal fillers are one of the most popular forms of cosmetic enhancements, as they offer a way to improve your appearance without the need for surgery. One problematic area that we treat a lot here at Cosmetic Injectables is the jawline. With the digital age came the need to have impeccable profiles, so selfie-taking would impress onlookers. 

Due to this, we have seen a huge increase in patients looking to slim down their overly developed jaw muscles, Or enhance receding jawline to create definition, create a linear separation for those who’s neck and face are continuous, and take care of jowls that have formed.

In addition, we see many patients who are seeking to treat pain associated with the jaw. This can be done by injecting Botox to help relieve jaw pain and headaches.

What Causes Jowls to Form?

The development of jowls is a result of a loss in collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid, and fat in the entire face and skin. As the volume deflates, the skin and loosened fat droops downwards.

Correcting Linear Separation

Injecting fillers through the use of a cannula can help create linear definition in the jaw area. This will help separate the neck and the jaw. An optical illusion of contouring is created by a shadow below the injection line. Correcting linear separation is not the same thing as creating a stronger jawline. Read more about defining your jaw in the next section.

Creating a Stronger Jawline With Fillers and Other Treatments

A weak jawline can cause a loss in definition and separation between the face and neck. This can easily and immediately be rectified with the injection of fillers. The formation of jowls or a weak jawline can also be treated by re-volumizing the face with hyaluronic acid fillers. This includes upper cheeks, lower cheeks, chin, jawline, and other surrounding structures.  

While women can appreciate this procedure, men can especially benefit and receive more volume in this region to masculinize the face with a stronger and sculpted jawline. These injections are customized to suit your individual needs. Our master-injectors can determine which combination of treatments can re-lift the skin in this area back into position immediately after injections. Different types of fillers and injections can be used to contour a defined jawline.

jawline - creating a stronger jaw
jawline - male

Juvederm Voluma XC

Juvederm Voluma XC is one of the most effective hyaluronic acid fillers for the jawline. It has been FDA-approved for adding volume to the cheeks and chin. It contains a specialized Vycross cross-linking technology which will make the lift more prominent. Plus, it can last for up to two years while other fillers only last 6 to 12 months.

Restylane & Sculptra

These two fillers have also been used to help contour the jawline. A consultation at Cosmetic Injectables can help you to understand which filler would be the most effective to help you achieve your jaw-defining goals.


Botox is not a filler and should not be mistaken as one. It is a neuromodulator that helps relax the muscles. At Cosmetic Injectables Botox is used to help enhance the appearance of the jaw while decreasing several painful conditions. 

While some of us are born with an underdeveloped jawline, others may be bothered by an overdeveloped jaw. Not only can this masculinize a female face, but it can also be associated with TMJ, headaches, migraines, jaw pain, and nighttime grinding which can be harmful to teeth. 

The masseter muscles within the jaw are relaxed when injected with Botox. This helps decrease the prominence of the jaw and offer a slimmer appearance. The face will look slimmer and more youthful by emphasizing the cheekbones.

When done correctly, Botox is a simple yet very effective way to cosmetically enhance appearance while medically reducing pain and suffering. The effects usually last about 6 months depending on the amount of Botox administered. 

Nefrititi Lift

Botox can also relax the platysma muscle to help lift the jowls through a placement technique called Nefertiti Lift. This relaxes the neck muscles that normally pull the jowls downwards. Once relaxed, the facial muscles can lift the jowls back up without the downward opposition and allow the skin to sit higher and appear lifted.

Alternative Solutions to Fillers and Botox

In addition to fillers and neuromodulators, Barbed Novathreads can be used to pull the skin up. To enhance the results, collagen stimulation techniques can be added long-term to firm the skin to create better texture and enhance the hold on adjacent skin.

Some of these collagen enhancing modalities include:

These treatments are explained in greater detail here.

Are You Unhappy with Your Jawline?

If you find yourself feeling less confident when looking at your profile because of your jawline, then you have options. Several minimally invasive procedures can help decrease the signs of aging which have led you to be unhappy with your jawline.