Young or not, contouring of the cheeks is a major part of our appearance. That’s why there are so many makeup tutorials on where to apply darker or lighter shadows to achieve the perfect lift, symmetry, and proportion. When done right, fillers can do the same type of enhancement but in real layer 3D! And their results can last up to 2 years!

Using Makeup to contour

Using Fillers to contour


When done correctly and proportionally, fillers can reverse the sings of damage, decent, and deflation in the face.

Many physiologic factors contribute to these changes:

1- Loss of Fat

2- Loss of bone

3- Loss of Muscle

​4- Loss of Collagen, Elastin, & Hyaluronic Acid

All these changes together result in the decrease of cheek volume which causes the before and after thinning skin to hang down and create jowls. The once wider width on upper part of face narrows, and the once narrow lower part of the face widens. We call this the reversing triangle. cheeks


With great care, the face can be re-inflated to re-establish lost volume and lift the skin back towards its original position. Unfortunately, many hyper-focus on this lift and lose site of the final result. Our injectors have studied and learned how to avoid this mistake and to counsel patients against injecting beyond natural proportions.

Incorrect proportion vs. correct proportion


Athletes especially loose a lot of volume in the face. Multiple different filler options such as Vollure and Sculptra can be used to re-establish facial harmony to re-create a healthy and natural looking outcome.


As the firmness of our skin decreases due to the loss of collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid, and fat, the lower cheek area can crease with movement. Collagen stimulating agents and fillers can help re-establish the firmness in this region to smooth out some of the collapse. These procedures include use of Novathreads, microneedling, PRP, radiofrequency such as Viora, and lasers such as Lasergenesis.


As one would expect, fillers in the cheek area fill the cheeks. There are some beneficial impacts however on other regions of the face as well, such as the undereyes, nasolabial folds (also called smile lines), the marionettes, and the jowls. The re-inflation of the cheeks can lift the hanging skin below to reduce the excess skin that folds upon itself down below.