Profile of the face can appear disproportional when the volume of the chin and surrounding jaw line are underdeveloped and don’t appear to support the structures (lips, nose, cheeks,…) above it. Previously, implants were the only option. Recently, with the advent of thicker fillers such as Voluma, Restylane Lyft, and Radiesse, surgical implants are less often required. As an added advantage, the hyaluronic acid fillers add the flexibility to add or dissolve fillers whenever desired.

 CHIN DIMPLING (Botox & Fillers):

While Botox is very helpful in smoothing out this area, fillers are also commonly used in the chin for filling the dimples created when chin is contracted. If left untreated, these lines and dimples can etch into the skin and remain visible even when the muscle is not being utilized.



Development of jowls is a result of loss of collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid, and fat in the entire face and skin. As the volume deflates, the skin droops downwards. By re-volumizing the face with hyaluronic injections proportionally (this includes upper cheeks, lower cheeks, chin, jawline, and other surrounding structures), our master-injectors can determine which combination can re-lift the skin in this area back into position immediately after injections. Alternatively, Barb’ed Novathreads can be used to pull skin up. To enhance the results, collagen stimulation techniques can be added long term to firm the skin to create better texture and enhance the hold on adjacent skin. These modalities (ie. Smooth Novathreads, Lasergenesis, Retinol creams, microneedling, PRP, Viora radiofrequency, etc… ) are explained here.





Just as with an underdeveloped chin, a weak jawline can create a loss of separation between the neck and the face. This can easily and immediately be rectified with injection of fillers. While women can appreciate this procedure, men can especially benefit and receive more volume in this region to masculinize the face with a stronger and sculpted jawline.


While some of us are born with an underdeveloped jawline, others may be bothered by an overdeveloped jaw. Not only can this masculinize a female face, it can also be associated with TMJ, jaw pain, and night time grinding which can be harmful to teeth. When done correctly, Botox is a simple yet very affective way to cosmetically enhance appearance while medically reduce pain and suffering. The effects usually last about 6 months depending on the amount of Botox administered.