What it is:

Aquagold is a series of gold plated ultra fine needles attached to a small container which allows a customized mix of ingredients such as Botox or Hyaluronic acids. When the needles are pressed against the skin, the products are delivered in the outermost layer of the skin, with minimal discomfort. Due to its small size and minimal depth, numbing creams are not necessary (as they are with microneedling) and bruising does not occur. The placement of the product is deep enough to last months (compared to topical hyaluronic acids), but superficial enough to address the very fine lines that traditional filler injections can’t reach.so be added to brighten up skin.

What it does:(depending on ingredients added):

* Stimulates collagen & elastin
* Decreases fine lines & wrinkles without volumizing the area
* Tightens & firms the skin
* Evens out skin texture
* Diminishes pores
* Treats acne
* Treats scars (i.e. acne or surgical scars)
* Reduces hyperpigmentation and melasma (dark patches)
* Hydrates skin with hyaluronic acids

How it works:

The hyaluronic acid that is deposited beneath the skin through “micro-channels” attracts water and hydrates the superficial layer of the skin, and can improve superficial acne scarring. When Botox is mixed in, the small amount can even out skin texture by minimally relaxing the superficial layer of the muscle and shrinking the pores. When Sculptra is mixed in, small amounts of collagen stimulation occurs to firm up the skin. Micro-pigment reducers can also be added to brighten up skin.