Sherly Soleiman, M.D.

Received her BA in Biology in 1994 and her M.D. degree from Loma Linda University School of Medicine in 1998 and completed three years of residency at UC Irvine in 2001. Dr. Soleiman is one of the few physicians selected by Allergan (makers of Botox, Juvaderm, & Voluma) to instruct other physicians and nurses in the administration of their products. As an Allergan medical facial aesthetic trainer in California, Dr. Soleiman is a specialist in the basic & advanced injection techniques of these products.

She has received several awards including Allergan Top 250 office in the U.S., Allergan Commitment to Patient Care & Medical Aesthetics, Best Doctor 2015, Galderma Preferred Champion and Galderma Preferred 2016.


Catherine Rogers, M.S.N, R.N, Certified Aesthetic Nurse Specialist

Is in the field of non-invasive cosmetic procedures such as injectables and lasers for 15 years. Catherine is sought out for her expertise, professionalism, and ability to enhance natural beauty.
Whether she is in surgery or one on one with a client, you are receiving the utmost care, discretion and consideration in her hands. She listens to her clients needs and helps them the achieve the results they want while taking the very best care of their aesthetic needs. She wants the best for each and every one of them.

beauriful woman in focus

Ashley Oxford | General Manager | Retail Curator

Ashley came to the practice in September of 2019 with an eclectic 22-year blend of Management and Operations experience gained while working in the Tech, Entertainment, Gourmet Sales and Eco-Sustainability fields. Her passion for learning new skills coupled with her toolbox of diverse capabilities has made her an enthusiastic, out of the box addition to the team.  Having a personal passion for esthetics made joining CIC an exciting no-brainer and she looks ever forward to facilitating opportunities for growth and new modalities in an ever-evolving market, while helping to maintain a high standard of patient care.

Cosmetic Injectables Member

Nisa Petrosian, B.S.N, R.N.

Nisa Petrosian, R.N., has a Bachelors of Science in Nursing. A former employee at Cedars Sinai Hospital, Nisa found herself drawn to cosmetics and pursued a career in injectables and laser. Nisa prides herself on making people feel confident and happy within themselves. Nisa loves staying on top of trends and has a keen eye for bringing out her patient natural beauty.

Nisa main principle is striving for the best results possible. Her commitment is to her patients, providing individualized care and excellence.

Cosmetic Injectables Member

Ellen Drabkin, R.N.

Brings almost 20 years of nursing experience to Cosmetic Injectables Center including experience in plastic surgery centers, operating rooms and post-operative care. Since 2010 Ellen has been focusing her career on aesthetic nursing. Her thorough familiarity with surgical procedures combined with training and experience in medical injectables and laser treatments provides the best results for her patients.

Ellen stays on top of new developments in the world of aesthetic nursing and puts tremendous pride in providing personal attention to each and every patient. Her calm and gentle touch and artistic vision, combined with clinical expertise, bring personalized care to her patients, achieving their aesthetic goals.