Sherly Soleiman, M.D.

Founder, provider, and medical director at our office, Dr. Soleiman has dedicated her entire sub-specialty to the art and safety of minimally invasive procedures using and teaching the latest and most advanced techniques. She is one of the most requested local faculties for Allergan (the company that makes Botox, Juvederm, Voluma, and Kybella), teaching other doctors and nurses how to inject their products safely and accurately. 

She is on Allergan’s Advisory Board, discussing her ideas to continuously improve the industry. She is also involved in clinical trial studies for these minimally invasive procedures, keeping her updated and on the cutting-edge for the injectable industry. 

Aside from academia, Dr. Soleiman has studied sculpting and the arts to enhance her appreciation of subtle differences in male vs female face, proper proportions of different facial features in different ethnicities, and the most important points of enhancement to reduce signs of aging and create a rejuvenated appearance with the least amount of product.

 She sees patients at our Sherman Oaks location full time and regularly meets with our other providers to establish a team approach in providing the best, safest, and most natural-looking techniques and results, with minimal bruising, swelling, or discomfort.

In addition to helping our office achieve a Top 250 status (in the entire USA) with Allergan, she has received several other awards including Allergan Commitment to Patient Care & Medical


Catherine Rogers, M.S.N, R.N, Certified Aesthetic Nurse Specialist

Is in the field of non-invasive cosmetic procedures such as injectables and lasers for 15 years. Catherine is sought out for her expertise, professionalism, and ability to enhance natural beauty. Whether she is in surgery or one on one with a client, you are receiving the utmost care, discretion, and consideration in her hands. She listens to her client’s needs and helps them the achieve the results they want while taking the very best care of their aesthetic needs. She wants the best for each and every one of them.

Cosmetic Injectables Member

Ellen Drabkin, R.N.

Brings almost 20 years of nursing experience to Cosmetic Injectables Center including experience in plastic surgery centers, operating rooms and post-operative care. Since 2010 Ellen has been focusing her career on aesthetic nursing. Her thorough familiarity with surgical procedures combined with training and experience in medical injectables and laser treatments provides the best results for her patients.

Ellen stays on top of new developments in the world of aesthetic nursing and puts tremendous pride in providing personal attention to each and every patient. Her calm and gentle touch and artistic vision, combined with clinical expertise, bring personalized care to her patients, achieving their aesthetic goals.

beauriful woman in focus

Ashley Oxford | General Manager | Retail Curator

Ashley came to the practice in September of 2019 with an eclectic 22-year blend of Management and Operations experience gained while working in the Tech, Entertainment, Gourmet Sales and Eco-Sustainability fields. Her passion for learning new skills coupled with her toolbox of diverse capabilities has made her an enthusiastic, out of the box addition to the team.  Having a personal passion for esthetics made joining CIC an exciting no-brainer and she looks ever forward to facilitating opportunities for growth and new modalities in an ever-evolving market, while helping to maintain a high standard of patient care.